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Tristan's site

This is a simple site thrown together by me to perform the original intention of the 'web. To share information.
I do update occasionally so keep checking in.
The site is kept simple primarily for compatibility. I'm mostly working on projects for 8 bit computers. Some people like to use them on the web. Wouldn't want to exlude them!

Check out my mostly tech blog on MySpace . It isn't the most suitable host admittedly for my blog, but it is the easiest for now.
It tends to contain little tech tidbits that I pick up and share with people, and whatever else is on my mind at the time.

Within this site you may find useful information on various things. Or not. It depends on what you are looking for.
It is mostly a site to detail some of my projects and make them available to the world at large.
You will find my projects in the tech page.
The other pages are important too. like the donation page where you can help me to bring some new things into the world for everyone to use.

In case you are curious there is an about page that has a little information about me and my site.
Anyway, have fun! Or at least don't go to sleep.

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