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Lib RO GPIO (or Libro GPIO)

Librogpio is a library which I am writing to provide GPIO access in RISC OS for the Raspberry Pi series of single board computers.
Librogpio uses functions not entirely unlike those seen with Arduino and WiringPi so anyone familiar with them should work it out fairly fast.

This library is intended to be used with the RISC OS native version of GCC, so the Raspberry Pi can be used for both development and execution of a program with GPIO support.

The current version of the library with source can be downloaded here.
The libraries are distributed under a simplified BSD License.

The original test version of the library which contains a header and only a binary library can be downloaded here.

Program source written with the test version may not be compatible with the current version. Differences will probably be very minor.

I will be adding more useful functionality to the library in the future.

Updated 02 January 2017