Mark's Motorcycling History

Suzuki DR650 1989

Following the demise of the Yamaha at the end of 2000 I looked for another SR500 but there were few about and they were expensive. I wanted another big single but there are not too many road going singles made these days so I decided to get a "chookie" (trail bike) and modify it to my needs. The DR650 (the "Doctor 650") has been made for a lot of years and has a name as a dependable but unexciting machine. Phase one of project was to fit clip ons (home made by me), a 19" front wheel and lower the front suspension by 50mm's. The rear end has been lowered 60 mm's by repositioning the back shock mount higher up the frame.

I am rapt with the Suzy, it has a motor that pulls like a train and gets you to 160 k's real fast but it doesn't have much beyond that and I don't want to regear it. The handling is where it exceeds my expectations, it's very light for a 650 and I'm happy with the suspension with so far only a few minor mods done to it.