Mark's Motorcycling History

Moto Guzzi Le Mans 1000 1989

Post crash


The gearbox needed work in July 2004 so I allowed someone else to work on the bike. 2 months later while going around a favourite corner the gearbox drain plug came out and dumped a litre of thick slippery stuff onto the rear wheel. The rear wheel broke loose and the bike slid down the road an awfully long way as did I as well. I was lucky and only broke my arm and got some nasty scrapes on my back. I found on inspection that the plug had not been tightened properly and had come loose and fell out.While I had it in pieces I stripped the crappy black paint from the engine and the rest of the bike was resprayed. The staintunes and 4 spot Brembos were earlier additions. The lesson learnt from it all was to observe the amount of beer the guy who is working on your bike consumes before letting him touch it.