Mark's Motorcycling History

CCM 500 MX 1975

This CCM - Clews Competition Machine (500cc short stroke MX) was imported by the distributor in 1975 for Jim Scaysbrook to ride which he did impressively. In the 1975 Nepean Castrol Six Hour it lead by miles until the ignition gave out. I raced this bike at club level (MX, short circuit and one road race day) for 3 years before selling the frame to a chap who wanted to put a Yamaha engine in it. (The motor as you will see in the next pic went to good use}. The CCM was without a doubt the wildest bike I've ever owned (the wildest ever ridden would have to be a Jawa speedway bike) .Near 50 BHP in a TIG welded chrome moly, nickel plated frame that was a work of art itself made it a potent beast. It's handling made it possible to ride well over the limit at stupid speeds on rough tracks and survive. CCM had a nickname in the states...Craziest Crate Made, it lived up to it.