We  repair all stringed instruments and electronics.                               All Lutherie by Luthier  Dr.Riki.(Perth WA Western Australia)

To hundreds(actually now thousands) of musicians, Dr Riki is the Professional Choice - come and see what a qualified  repair centre should look like.

Realize the specialized "Today" equipment, spare parts and expertise needed to provide you with a better instrument.

Free check-up.  

  • All guitars - basses -  Mandolins.
  • Antique instruments restoring specialist.
  • Time and cost effectiveness on all repairs.

Fret board cleaning

Fret board cleaning and buffing works are included in a full service 

A full service is the smallest complete service you can treat your guitar or bass with.

During the accurate performing of the tasks included in a set-up we can spot and rectify little problems hard to notice by an' inexpert eye, avoiding by early intervention later costly repairs.

Worn Frets

Worn frets can lower a guitars efficiency and a guitarists performance by 50%.

Dr Riki can level, dress or replace all frets or just those few buzzing ones. If you think your guitar has fret problems just book in at Guitar Care Centre for a          Free Check up By Dr. Riki.



Floating bridge restoring

We perform Floyd types bridges restoring, including the grounding or replacement of; the two blades, the locking cauls and the locking nut bits and nut block ,and recently we did include shim fitting into saddle if badly and irremediably warned.






To achieve good results in guitar repair skill, experience and professional tools are needed. At the Guitar Care Centre, Dr.Riki is always in touch with the evolution of all technologies that could improve his work and widen the spectrum of solutions for any particular problem.

                                    24  Kt.  GOLD PLATING

                           ( try to get this service any were else )        




      Gold, Silver , Nickel and Chrome plating is now available , all done by Dr. Riki. 



                                             MORE REPAIRS                                               


For more information, contact Dr Riki.                                          WWW.DR-RIKI.COM