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Colin Bright SYZYGY band

new electro-acoustic impro group

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There Ain't No Harps In Hell. Angel!

featuring Marshall McGuire - harp
Tasmania - June 2003

January 2003
Colin Bright begins a 2-year Fellowship
awarded by the Music Board of the Australia Council.
The amount of the Fellowship is $40,000 per annum.

Composer Profile - New Music Australia

Feb. 20th 2002 8PM - ABC-FM 92.9 (Sydney)

Premier broadcast of
There Ain't No Harps In Hell. Angel!

featuring Marshall McGuire - harp

Primarily because of the association of angels with their instrument, harpists are
under the illusion that they will go to heaven. This piece demonstrates that this
is not true. As much as the music is beautiful and heavenly (tempo = 99.9 bpm),
the player, nevertheless, cannot help but get 'down and dirty', thus - via a tour
of purgatory (tempo =83.25 bpm) - ending up in hell (tempo =66.6 bpm), which
is where all harpists really belong!

Samples of
AC/DC's Highway to Hell
George F. Handel's Hallelujah Chorus
and fragments of
Led Zeplin (heaven) and Jerry Lee Lewis (hell)
+ Raging guitar, bass 'n' drums.

The Wild Boys
Melbourne - Australia - late September 2001

The Wild Boys

12th Sydney Spring International Festival of New Music
18th September, 2001 - Sydney Opera House

- Digital Music & Imagery -
Colin Bright & Dean Edwards

Just as the technology of the piano dominated the 19th Century, and the electric guitar
the 20th Century, digital technology leads us into the 21st Century.
Extracts from cult writer William S. Burroughs and two of Australia's most
important poets Jas. H Duke and Amanda Stewart are juxtaposed with the music and
imagery. The music combines sampling, including AC/DC and George F. Handel,
computer generated sounds and recorded players.

The Wild Boys

- Homosexual warrior packs out to save the world from an oppressive police state.
- samples of William S. Burroughs with raging saxophones and drums

There Ain't No Harps In Hell, Angel !

- PREMIER! - with Marshall McGuire - harp

- The harpist would like to stay in heaven, (where harpists think they belong),
but keeps getting 'down and dirty', ending up in Hell, (where harp players truly belong).
- samples of AC/DC's Highway to Hell, George F. Handel's Hallelujah Chorus,
and fragments of Led Zeplin and Jerry Lee Lewis. Raging guitar, bass `n` drums.

Interlude - They Are Not Going Home (from The Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior)
- in the Pacific Ocean
- samples of N.Z. ex-PM David Lange and Amanda Stewart


- 'It's all gonna ch-ch-change at the turn of the twentieth century'.
- samples of Amanda Stewart with saxes and headbanging rhythms.

Black Years - Red Years (a.k.a. Fuck You Pal !)

- If you want to avoid being a dole bludger be sure to pick your parents carefully.
- samples of Jas H. Duke speaking, shouting and singing with grinding rhythms.

Featuring the voice of Amanda Stewart + saxophones of Sandy Evans & Paul Cutland
The Listening Room - ABC-FM - Monday 12th March 2001 9 PM



Black Years - Red Years



Australian Music Centre (Center) awards - Dec 1st 2000:
Best Composition of 1999
in the state of New South Wales - Australia



The Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior


The Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior

Composer: Colin Bright
Libretto: Amanda Stewart

Performers: The Song Company
& austraLYSIS
Conductor: Roland Peelman

Producer: Andrew Mclenan
Sound Engineer: Russell Stapleton


Feral Voices - Gosford Conservatorium Orchestra 26th November 2000

Red Earth - The Australia Ensemble at the Clancy Auditorium, 9th of October 1999.
The outback - the red centre (center) - vastness - space...

Red Earth II - The Seymour Group at the Broadwalk Studio, Sydney Opera House,
Thursday the 11th of March 1999.

A 'psyche of place' piece featuring guitar with flute,clarinet(+bass),violin,cello,piano,prcussion.

Red Earth
go to page for info on related piece.

The Rainbow Warrior - Prelude for Orchestra - 6'30" - an orchestral suite from the opera The Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior - The New Monash Orchestra
- June 23 at Robert Blackwood Hall (Monash University, Melbourne, Australia).
- June 29 at the Hanoi Opera House
- July 2 at Ho Chi Minh City National Conservatory

The Rainbow Warrior
- Prelude for Orchestra - The New Monash Orchestra - May 29, 1999, Melbourne. Also later throughout Asia.

War and Peace - Fuzzbug and Happy Birthday Australia - The Song Company (6 singers) on 29 May 1999 at Casula Powerhouse 2.30pm.
30 May 1999 at Austr Centre of Photography, Paddington 6.30pm.

War and Peace - The Song Company (6 singers) at the Broadwalk Studio, Sydney Opera House, Saturday the 6th of March 1999, 8.30PM.
A set of songs on poems by Jas Duke - quirky Australian humour, wit and insight.

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  Jas Duke  page for more.

The Wild Boys  - will be performed as a part of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras on Sunday the 21st of February 1999, at the Seymour Centre, at 4.30PM.

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The Wild Boys page for the full blurb.


Black Years - Red Years - broadcast: ABC-FM The Listening Room, 13th September 1999.

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Black Years - Red Years

The Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior - broadcast: ABC-FM The Listening Room, 13th December 1999.

Check - 24 hours - ABC (Australia) radio guide  or  Monday's - Sydney Morning Herald - The Guide


A radiophonic and CD version of - The Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior  - an opera, with libretto by Amanda Stewart, has been recorded by the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) during 1999.
Performers are The Song Company & austraLYSIS.
It was originally performed outdoors on Sydney harbour at the Sydney Festival 1997.
CD released through Vox Australis - The Australian Music Centre .

Red Earth release expected 2003 through Tall poppies.

Many Heads - Katatjuta -  released through Tall poppies.

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Many Heads - Katatjuta

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