Pal !

Fuck You Pal !
Music by Australian composer -
Colin Bright

 (1999) - 5 1/2 minutes.

The cry of a resentful misfit - 'just a statistic waiting to be exterminated' - in a society based on greed, a fragmented community indifferent to human suffering.

The primary sound source is poet Jas Duke performing his own work. I think he is one of Australia’s most important poets, having wit, incite, humour, social conscience and, most importantly, a passion for the SOUND of words.

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 Earth-Flowering Time 


Fuck You Pal

(1999) - 5'30"


The Wild Boys

Where I live - how it affects my music 

 Jas Duke Page

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A wild socio-erotic expression

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Here is a storyline to follow - if you like that sort of thing!

The piece opens with a distorted phrase 'Advance Australia Fair' - from our wonderfully self-glorious national anthem.

The 'dada' section is an outcry of frustration and pain, an expression of the pointlessness of existence in a society where if you have no function you should not expect any happiness.

There is some advice on survival in such a society!

Then, the story of Mick - 'had a beard and a golden ear ring' - and how such a person is viewed by the authorities - 'just a statistic waiting to be exterminated'.

The authorities close in ..... he drifts away.....




Fuck You Pal ! 

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C D 

Black Years - Red Years





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Thanks to Jack Ellis for the 'title' sample which I retrieved from my answering machine.  Needless  to say,  this particularly colourful phrase was  not  directed  towards myself or my partner, but was inadvertantly recorded when Jack's (usually) temperate disposition

was disturbed by a third  party (a well known Australain composer whom I dare not name here) while leaving a really very polite message for me.  However, I am quite pleased to have received and utilised it, as it is one of those phrases which just seems to say so much in so few words!

A nice photo of Jack!

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