Colin Bright - Composer from
Sydney - Australia
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- the Colin Bright
SYZYGY band -

Ground Control to Gliese

Multimedia - music & visuals
* Black Years - Red Years
Just a statistic waiting to be exterminated
* Earth-Flowering Time
Colourful small flowers sprouting from an aged ground

* The Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior
An opera - on CD - release August 2000

Orchestra & Chamber
Young Tree Green (A Song of the Republic)
- double bass & orchestra
- on CD
* Red Earth - on CD
Aspects of Australian aboriginal music
* more Orchestral Music
Earth Spirit - didjeridoos & orchestra

e music - listen on line
* The Wild Boys
A wild socio-erotic expression
* Ratsinkafka
'It's all gonna change at the turn of the 20C...'
* Katatjuta - Many Heads
Solo cello - outback - central Australia
* F U Pal !
'If you want to be a dole bludger...'

e music - listen  ENTER

*Let The Storm Break Loose
Children Overboard Affair
* There Ain't No Harps In Hell, Angel !
Where all harpists really belong
* Tales of the Big Bang (Part 1)
Stephen W. Hawking & the Pope
* Bondi Boys
Surfin' Music

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