Melbourne... The city I love...

Welcome to Mebourne. The City of vibrate excitement
Young and Jacksons. the meeting place of thousands
St Pauls Cathedral. with out the center spire
Back end of flinders.yes this is acurate
The Yarra cruise, a great Booze cruze tradition (the water is blue honest!)
back end of flinders st station
Information, the drug of a nation
W class, historic that is
Again, a classic
The jumbo video screen, Yes it's essedon vs geelong. You do not understand how hard it is to make Carlton stand out against a blue background
Transport bar, the new yuppie mecha

And now some more lego images of melbourne

View down flinders Subway under Federation Square Info desk View up swaston st Yarra river, blue version
Flinders st, trainn exit Tram! Looking to St Pauls Current arial view Show offs
Flinders st station Hat shop (you know the one) Me leaving the pub (Y&J's) St pauls The cross track(the hardest part of this model)
Double decker. Tour bus Convertable VW Road Bike

All stuff copyright Aaron Amatnieks