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The Tarot is a wonderful tool that allows us to receive guidance and gain knowledge of future potentialities.

Tarot readings are made possible because our souls are in constant communion with each other, constantly radiating and receiving 'light'. All are attuned to the Divine Intelligence that oversees the unfolding Creation.

Souls communicate to each of us in symbols (or archetypes). The Tarot provides one medium through which that exchange can occur. The communication of the soul's knowing can also occur via dreams, and likewise through the symbolic events that manifest everyday in our lives. In fact every existing thing and every event is a symbolic form that conceals a higher recondite meaning.

My special astrological method of tarot interpretation is unique and accurate. My aim is to help you understand your current and future circumstances, experiences, and challenges from a soul-based perspective, using my many years of acquired knowledge of the Tarot's symbolism.

Esoteric Tarot

Duration: 30 minutes

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Audio MP3
AUD $50.00

Audio CD-ROM
AUD $55.00

To order a reading please complete the Tarot Consultation Form (linked above).

My original tarot readings have a duration of 30+ minutes of voice recording, and are made available to you as downloadable audio MP3 files, or posted CD-ROM.

The cost of this service is AUD $50.00 (or $55.00 for posted CD-ROM).

This reading (like all my readings) is uniquely crafted, live, spontaneous, and original. In other words, it is not composed using computer generated, or 'generic' interpretations.

Note: If you have any questions regarding my esoteric services please email me, or Mob: 0420346982

Patrick Mulcahy.
(14th Oct, 2009.)

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