Unifying the Holy Name: YHVH
Unleashing the Magic of the Soul

...Then the Tree and all the other trees of the Garden of Eden emit sweet odours and praise their Lord, for at that time the Matrona prepares Herself to enter under the shade of the canopy, there to unite herself with her Spouse; and all the supernal potencies unite in one longing and one will to be united in perfect union, without any separation soever...

[From: Soncino Zohar, Shemoth, Section 2.] Full Quote


The process of 'unifying the Holy Name' is a process of living a life according to the laws of 'soul magic'. It is not merely an abstract procedure involving gematria, nor is it simply a meditation. It involves a living awareness of the cosmic Father and Mother principles and an understanding of the way that They interact with the microcosmic Son and Daughter principles, and importantly, it requires our own applied spiritual will and fortitude to actively demonstrate the workings of their divine relationship within the context of our own lives.

The magical essence of the soul, like a seed, exists in a state of pure potential within each one of us and merely requires germination for its incredible effects to visibly manifest in out lives. And, like a seed the essence of the soul also requires the right conditions for it to germinate, to sprout, to flower forth and bear its magical fruit. We will examine some of these conditions during the course of this article.

The magic of the soul is abstractly described by the divine formula YHVH (Hebrew: Yod-Ha-Vav-Ha)—usually pronounced Yehovah, or Yahweh.

The YHVH formula illustrates a very special relationship that exists between each individual soul and the greater Universe.

The greater Universe can be thought of as being composed of two primary principles—a divine masculine and a divine feminine principle. In the physical dimensions within which human-beings exist these two principles are in a state of tension like two lovers held physically apart from each other, with each aware of the other's close proximity, but rarely able (due to circumstances) to make actual physical contact. To put it another way, they are like the two terminals of a battery—positive and negative—but without a suitable medium between them to conduct their powerful energies so as to produce the desired physical effects.

Let's call these two Universal principles the divine Father (Yod) and the divine Mother (Ha). The sub-formula that describes their relationship is YH (Hebrew: Yod-Ha, 'Yah'), or Father-Mother.

There does exist a permanent connection between these two principles, but it is established on planes above the 'physical'—that is, above the three dimensions of our human world: the mental, astral, and physical dimensions. That special connection is expressed in 'consciousness' by the soul (or 'causal body') within each one of us. The soul is personified as the Son (Vav) in the divine family—Father, Mother, Son, and Daughter.

The soul is like a little reflection of the greater Universe in that it also contains two basic elements. It contains a feminine aspect and a masculine aspect. The feminine aspect of the soul is the 'form and substance' that gives it its 'shape'—i.e. the material envelope that gives it a sense of separateness from all other forms. This envelope is extended from the divine Mother principle and is composed of 'higher mental' material. The masculine aspect of the soul is contained inside the material envelope. It is pure creative energy (or 'wisdom') and is extended from the divine Father principle. The Son understands his creative purpose because of this special relationship he has with the Father and Mother principles.

Thus, it is as if the Son were standing between his divine Parents and holding Their hands—his left hand reaching up to the Mother, and his right hand reaching up to the Father. Thus, he forms a link between them. He is a symbol and expression of Their divine Love and Will, and he has direct communication with them. The sub-formula that expresses this relationship is YHV (Hebrew: Yod-Ha-Vav), or Father-Mother-Son.

The Daughter (final Ha) is the youngest of the divine Family—a mere baby. She is in the care of her Brother (i.e. the Son) but initially she is unaware of his presence, and when she does begin to sense him, she seldom acknowledges his seniority preferring instead to ignore his promptings. Unbeknownst to her however, his instructions have, in fact, been transmitted by his Parents (i.e. the divine Father and Mother principles) for him to pass on to her so that she will grow into a creature of Beauty—thereby reflecting her royal heritage.

The human 'personality' aspect is personified by the Daughter. Her composition includes every 'material' form (mental, astral, and physical) that is born of human consciousness.

The magic of the soul can only manifest when the human personality has established 'right relationship' with the soul—the Daughter with the Son. This is symbolised for us by the sub-formula VH (Hebrew: Vav-final Ha), or Son-Daughter. A permanent connection (or 'channel') must be made between them so that the divine energy that flows 'horizontally' between the Father and the Mother can also flow 'vertically' between the Son and the Daughter, and so become manifested within our three dimensional world. The Christian 'cross' is symbolic of this horizontal and vertical energy relationship, and the 'Crucifixion' initiation indicates the point in evolution when a perfect flow of energy along the vertical channel between the Son and Daughter has finally been effected.

This advanced initiation necessarily involves the 'death' of the Son as a new, more direct channel of mediation between Heaven and Earth takes His place—i.e. 'monadic consciousness' is achieved.

The physical substance of the Daughter principle provides the descending divine creative energy the 'resistance' it needs to produce Light and Heat—just as a copper wire held between the two terminals of a battery will allow physical effects to be produced. Without the Daughter principle there can be no manifestation of the divine creative Purpose in our physical world because the Creator needs a vehicle that will embody His energy within the mental, astral, and physical dimensions, and the Daughter is destined (after some initial preparation) to be that vehicle.

The Education of the Daughter

The Daughter begins her life as a baby in the care of her 'big Brother' (the Son), and at first she is unable to comprehend the words that he speaks to her. It takes her a long time to learn the subtle language of the soul, and therefore in the beginning stages of her existence she learns mainly through her own (sometimes painful) experience of 'cause and effect' (action and consequence) as she stumbles around in her limited physical environment. Indeed, without the Son's input, her experience of the world is restricted by the physical laws that underpin and dominate it. In this less-evolved state the higher laws (of soul magic) remain dormant, unrealised.

Gradually the Daughter does begin to understand some of the 'words' spoken to her by her Brother, but that does not necessarily mean that she will follow his advice. The Daughter has her own little will and desires (i.e. those of the ego) and her initial tendency is to follow her own 'material' desires until she reaches the point where they no longer satisfy her.

During all this time she continues to gradually learn the language of the soul with its subtle nuances, and slowly she starts to take notice of what her Brother is trying to communicate to her. The guidance he offers her is based on wisdom and understanding, and he knows the wonderful things that will happen if she follows his instructions.

At first her understanding is dim, and her perception very limited. She is only able to receive one simple instruction at a time, and so (in the beginning stages) she must learn to trust absolutely in her Brother's guidance, and must develop the courage to follow through each of the steps in turn that are given to her—even though she can't see, and doesn't know, where they are leading her.

But the Son does know what lies ahead in the life the Daughter, and the great things that will manifest to her if she will follow his instructions. His vision is from a 'higher' perspective and so he is able to see much further than she can.

The Daughter's faith and courage slowly increases as she continues to take little steps in accordance with the directives of her Brother. Her trust in the Son's wisdom becomes increasingly fortified as she experiences the 'magical' results of her faith-based actions. (During this process her faith becomes transformed into a state of inner knowing.) Each step that she takes upon her 'soul-path' causes a magical reaction in her environment—a reaction that expresses within the circumference of her own reality-construct the ecstatic union of the Father and Mother principles. And each step forward on her special Path becomes easier because she has seen the results of her previous steps, and thus does she learn to trust in the Son's guidance.

The soul 'speaks' to the personality through the medium of the higher chakras (i.e. those above the Solar Plexus chakra). In the Heart chakra the Daughter experiences the 'desire' of the soul and a sense of knowing that is 'felt' to be true. In the Throat chakra communication comes via the mental plane as a channelled thought-form. In the Ajna chakra (i.e. Third Eye) she reads and interprets the inner and outer symbols that appear to her vision. In the Crown chakra there is an immediate knowing and a direct communication that only occurs in very high states of consciousness. These are the four basic esoteric senses (corresponding to Y-H-V-H) that are available to her and that when effectively activated provide a medium of communication between herself and her Brother—and ultimately, directly between herself and the divine Father and Mother principles.

Soul Magic—How it Works

In order for the magic of the soul to manifest in our lives we must make room for it to do so. The door to soul magic has a 'conditional lock' and thus can only be opened after we adjust our consciousness and our lives to the requisite conditions. Soul magic is fundamentally based on our perception of, and approach to, the world around us. Essentially, we must make ourselves (and our lives) a medium through which the divine Father and Mother principles can establish union on the physical plane.

The material manifestation of the magic of the soul appears as a series of triggered 'physical' events. These magical events appear to us as 'serendipities' (i.e. fortunate coincidences). Certain prerequisites must be met before a magical event is triggered, and they can only be triggered in a certain pre-determined order. One of the prerequisites for triggering a magical event is that the previous magical event must have already been triggered. Another prerequisite is that the Daughter must have prepared herself mentally, emotionally, and physically so that she is able to take full advantage of her experience of the magical event. She must also be rightly oriented and moving in a direction that reflects her Brother's promptings (i.e. her soul's purpose).

Modest Living

One of the most important and difficult prerequisites that must be implemented before the magic of the soul will manifest in our lives is called 'modest living'. Our modern Western societies (for example) encourage the accumulation of wealth and the acquisition of possessions to such an extent that we are now rapidly depleting the Earth's resources. The accumulation of material possessions builds a wall between ourselves and the divine Mother principle—a wall that effectively prevents Her from bestowing upon us the specialised 'materials' that we need to fulfill our soul's mission. The Earth's resources are here to be used (first and foremost) as building materials during the divine Creative process. They are not here simply for our personality's pleasure and indulgence.

Each person must determine individually the modicum of basic physical resources they need in order to live and survive in the society in which they find themselves. The more specialised resources required by the soul in its work on the physical plane are obtained during the magical process. The purpose of each soul is unique and requires a different amount and type of material resources. Those resources are provided to us during the process of 'soul magic' as described in this article. If we have too much wealth or own too many possessions then that blocks the flow, and effectively halts the 'magical' journey. In that case our personal journey will be one of unconscious evolution—which we all have to experience in the beginning stages, but there does come a time when we are able to choose the more conscious Path of the soul.

There are tests of faith involved in 'soul magic' and one of them is learning to live by the maxim 'the Universe provides'. This lesson cannot be learned as long as we allow our physical insecurities to cause us to hoard money, or our material desires to lead us to seek after a surfeit of trivial and superfluous possessions. Living modestly provides the opportunity for each of us to learn the reality of 'soul magic' and to develop the strength of faith that is required during the first stages of the magical process of living the life of the soul.

A Practical Example:

Imagine that you are 'living a modest life' and striving to achieve something that you feel in your Heart is what you are really meant to be doing here on this planet. But imagine that your personal physical resources are dwindling, and that you are beginning to get fearful about your physical survival. You still have a roof over your head, some food in the fridge, and a few dollars in the bank, but it will not sustain you for more than a couple of weeks. Playing on your mind is the knowledge that there is currently an opportunity available to you that will enable you to improve your financial situation, but it requires that you compromise (in some significant way) part of your 'soul purpose'. What do you do? Do you take the opportunity, or do you resist it and continue with what you are currently doing—that is, engaging in the work of your soul?

To resist the opportunity requires a high degree of faith in the magic of the soul, because you cannot see where the support you will soon need is going to come from. All you have is the 'feeling' in your Heart that what you are doing is 'right' and that it is connected with your true soul purpose.

In this situation the magic of the soul will activate (sometime within the next two weeks) and bring whatever opportunity is needed into your life, to support you and your life-purpose. The new 'magical' opportunity will manifest in such a way that you will not need to sacrifice anything important to your soul purpose, and it will enable you to continue applying yourself to the work of your soul.

If you had chosen the first, less-desirable opportunity then you would have failed the 'test of faith' and effectively blocked the second, more positive opportunity from manifesting, and hence delayed your progress on your magical Path.

This example is basic, but it describes the type of approach that is needed when living according to the laws of 'soul magic'.

One way to think of this process is to imagine yourself surrounded by six stepping stones—representing six alternative life directions/decisions that are available to you. Stepping upon one of these stones (i.e. the 'right' one) will activate the magic of the soul, but the other five stepping stones will activate a path of evolutionary learning. If you choose this latter path the experience that you have while upon it will help you to choose more wisely at the next juncture.

Divine Timing

The whole series of magical events that occur in a life-time lead to a sense of completion that acknowledges the synthesis and fulfillment of the soul's purpose for that life-time. The supreme magical process however, spans several 'magical' life-times and culminates in one supreme life achievement where the full splendour of the final synthesis is demonstrated in the physical world. This magical process occurs at both the individual and the collective level of human life.

An important attribute that must be developed by the Daughter as she continues along the Path of soul magic is 'conscious attunement to divine timing'. This attunement demonstrates as a particular state of awareness that emerges within the Daughter as she learns to accept that her preferred time schedule does not necessarily reflect the exquisitely perfect schedule of the soul. The Daughter is required here to surrender her desire to make things happen, and instead she must learn to live 'in the NOW' and to accept on faith the pre-destined timing of the divine Plan that is unfolding magically through her.

Because the Daughter is working at the 'coal-face' of Creation, she is unable to see (or comprehend) clearly the bigger picture of the unfolding divine Plan, and so she must relinquish her will in this regard. Her own magical Path is further complicated by the complex interrelationships that exist between her own soul-purpose and all the other soul-purposes that are intertwined with hers. A tapestry is being woven through time, and each thread must enter the weave in perfect coordination with all the others in order to produce a perfect image of the divine Plan.

The Magical Process

The two basic ingredients that combine together to produce the manifestation of soul magic on the physical plane come from the divine Father and Mother principles. Basically, the Father principle provides a certain creative energy—an energy that could be described as a combination of wisdom and creative genius (when it is given form in the three dimensions of our world). Initially, it is held within the soul (in the custody of the Son)—within the material envelope that has been provided by the Mother principle. It exists in a state of 'slow release' (or 'time release') because it gradually trickles down through the open channel that is being established between the Son and Daughter principles—i.e. between the soul and personality—until it becomes fully embodied within the substance of the three dimensions of our physical world.

The Mother principle provides the substance that becomes the vehicle for, and the embodiment of, the Father's creative energy. This substance is of a very special sort however. It is substance of a highly refined and specialised nature. It has to be, in order to adequately contain the immense, but subtle power of the Father's energy.

The 'physical' substance provided by the divine Mother infuses the mental, astral, and physical planes, and becomes refined and integrated within the corresponding aspects of the human personality as the Daughter principle evolves. In other words, as the human personality evolves, its physical, astral, and mental bodies become increasingly refined until a certain level of 'purity' is reached, and then the vessel that is the Daughter becomes consecrated to her sacred task. She then becomes as a shining, resplendent, holy chalice—fit to receive and contain the divine elixir of the Father principle. When she achieves this condition the forms that extend from her (out into the world) are powerful 'physical' expressions of the divine creative Will.

As the Daughter moves forward on her soul Path, the divine Mother principle provides a very well orchestrated pattern of unfolding circumstances that 'magically' emerge in her life (as described above). These physical circumstances are specially crafted to provide pre-destined opportunities that are critical to the successful completion of the Daughter's sacred mission in the world, and they become more frequent as the Daughter learns to keep to her Path, and steadfastly follow the communications she is receiving from her Brother (the Son). The opportunities that the divine Mother principle provides for the Daughter appear miraculous to normal (i.e. three dimensional) consciousness because they are manifesting according to laws whose origins are beyond the physical, astral, and mental planes. The rational mind cannot anticipate them although the Daughter may sense the approach of something magical in her life (i.e. using her esoteric senses).

As the Daughter moves forward on her magical Path she is actually learning (through experience) to see with her higher senses—for example, she still sees with her physical eyes, but she is increasingly able to perceive below the surface of things and to interpret the inner reality (i.e. 'the meaning behind the form') with her 'third eye'.

This process is an important part of human evolution, and opens the door for our individual and collective entry into what New Age theory calls the '4th Dimension'. It is a process of personal initiation—an experiential journey that each of us must take in order to awaken our esoteric senses and accustom ourselves to the new Way of being (i.e. of interacting with our environment).

Humanity cannot survive for much longer if we continue to allow our human personalities to control our experience of the world. There is an increasingly urgent need for more people to achieve 'soul consciousness' and thus to learn to view the world through the eye of the soul. Only then can we come to flow in greater harmony with the higher Purpose that is reflected within our souls—both individually and collectively—and assist in the process of divine Creation on our planet.

Appendix I

The Daughter—Royal Bride or 'Whore'

There is a symbolism in some esoteric literature that refers to the Daughter principle as a 'whore'. (See for example, the Book of Revelations, and the writings of Aleister Crowley.) The reason for this is that the feminine principle of manifestation has two basic expressions. The 'whore' symbolism reflects the idea that the feminine principle gives herself indiscriminately to the masculine principle, the result being the gross materialism that we see around us in the world today.

When the Son (i.e. soul) is not permitted to contribute to the creative process that is seeking to manifest on the Earth then the Daughter becomes a 'mother of abominations' (see for example: Revelations, Chaps 17-19). In our world the masculine creative energy that fecundates the feminine principle derives (in the main) from the human personality aspect, not from the soul. The creation that is being collectively birthed on our planet is to a large extent composed of dark physical (Yesod), astral (Netzah), and lower-mental (Hod) substance, and therefore it is strongly infused with fear, glamour, and illusion. Due to our collective point in evolution we are creating a world that is an 'abomination'. It is so-called because it does not reflect the nature of the collective human soul.

The Daughter principle becomes the 'royal bride' when she establishes a 'magical' relationship with the Son. They then take their destined places as Queen and King, Priestess and Priest, and the world becomes as a royal Palace and Temple—built according to divine principles, and reflective of the greater Purpose of the Creator.

As more and more people become 'soul conscious' and the magic of the soul comes to increasingly influence the collective creative process, then we will be on the way to building a world that expresses the beauty, wisdom, and power of the soul. But before that can happen we each must individually open that inner door to the soul that allows the magic to flow into our lives.

Appendix II

At the time when Israel is proclaiming the unity-the mystery contained in the Shema-with a perfect intention, a light comes forth from the hidden supernal world, which divides into seventy lights, and those seventy lights into the seventy luminous branches of the Tree of Life. Then the Tree and all the other trees of the Garden of Eden emit sweet odours and praise their Lord, for at that time the Matrona prepares Herself to enter under the shade of the canopy, there to unite herself with her Spouse; and all the supernal potencies unite in one longing and one will to be united in perfect union, without any separation soever. Then the Spouse makes ready likewise to enter the Canopy in order to unite Himself with the Matrona. Therefore we proclaim loudly: "Hear, O Israel; prepare thyself, for thy Husband has come to receive thee." And also we say: "The Lord our God, the Lord is one", which signifies that the two are united as one, in a perfect and glorious union, without any flaw of separation to mar it. As soon as the Israelites say, "The Lord is One", to arouse the six aspects, these six unite each with each and ascend in one ardour of love and desire. The symbol of this is the letter Vau (because its numerical value is six) when it stands alone without being joined to any other letter. Then the Matrona makes herself ready with joy, and adorns herself with delight, and Her attendants accompany Her, and in hushed silence She encounters her Spouse; and Her handmaids proclaim, "Blessed be the Name of the Glory of His Kingdom for ever and ever." These words are said in a whisper, for so she must be introduced to her Spouse. Blessed is the people which perceives these things, ordering its prayers in accordance with this mystery of the Faith! At the time when the Spouse is united with the Matrona a herald comes forth from the south, crying: "Awaken, O ye supernal hosts, and unfurl the banners of love in honour of your Lord!" Then one of the leaders of the celestial array-he whose name is Boel (God is in him)- stands forth, and in his hands are four keys which he obtained one from each of the four corners of the earth. One key has upon it the sign of the letter Yod engraved; the second the letter He’; and the third the letter Vau; and these three keys he lays beneath the boughs of the Tree of Life. Then these three become one. Then the fourth and last key, which bears upon it the second letter He’, joins the three which have become one. And all the angelic hosts enter by means of those keys into the Garden of Eden, where with one voice they proclaim the Divine unity at the selfsame moment as it is proclaimed here below. Then the Shekinah, the Bride, is conducted to the Palace of the King, Her Bridegroom, for now He stands complete in all His supernal goodness and can supply Her with all that She needs. Thus her attendants bring Her in unto Him in silence. Why in silence? In order that no "stranger" (evil potencies) should participate in her joy. As He united Himself above according to six aspects, so also She unites Herself below according to six other aspects, so that the oneness may be completed, both above and below, as it is written: "The Lord will be One, and his Name One" (Zech. XIV, 9): Six words above-Shema Israel YHVH Elohenu YHVH ehad, corresponding to the six aspects, and six words below-baruk shem kebod malkuto le'olam waed (Blessed be the Name, etc.)-corresponding to the six other aspects. The Lord is one above; and His Name is One below. We say this reponse silently, although it is a triumphant expression of the Oneness, because of the "evil eye", which still has power under the present dispensation; but in the future (Messianic Age) when the "evil eye" will have ceased to exist and will have no dominion whatsoever over this world, then we shall proclaim the Divine Unity and its full accomplishment openly and in a loud voice. At present, as the "other side" still cleaves to the Shekinah, She is not entirely One, and therefore, although even in this present time we proclaim the unity, we do so silently, symbolizing it by the letters of the word wa'ed (ever), which are equivalent by certain permutations to those of the word ehad (one). But in the time that is to be, when that other side shall be removed from the Shekinah and pass away from the world, then shall that unity be proclaimed openly. When She enters the canopy and is united with the Supernal King, then we awaken the joy of the Right and of the Left, as it is written: "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart", etc. -that is, without any fear or foreboding, because the "other side" comes not near and has no power here. But whilst Her servants are bringing Her to the King they must keep a great and solemn silence.

[From: Soncino Zohar, Shemoth, Section 2, Page 133b, 134a]