Planetary Dynamics:

How the Planets Affect
Your Consciousness and Life

Here are the basics...

The ten natal planets/luminaries in an astrological chart symbolize ten faculties of human consciousness. It's natural, therefore, to think of them as forces that only function internally—that is, within the sphere of our inner consciousness. But in truth there is also an 'externalized' expression of each planetary archetype that flows into and is focused within our subjective reality (i.e. local environment). The two planetary expressions—the internal and the external—are esoterically linked by an 'unconscious' relationship that exists between them (like an invisible cord that binds them together, and through which energy passes back and forth).

Even though (in this article) I speak of 'internal' and 'external' expressions of the planetary archetypes, in the higher reality human consciousness encompasses both the inner and the outer expressions. They only appear to become separated as the human ego is born within the lower levels of manifestation (i.e. within the physical planes). It's important to keep this in mind as you read the information presented in this article.

The human energy system (i.e. human consciousness and the physical human body) is intrinsically woven into the energy matrix (continuum) and substance of Mother Earth. But from our limited perception we appear to be separated from the Earth by our physical bodies. We seem to exist independently as individuals, detached from our physical environment, but placed within it through the process of human birth. This is a major illusion that we all need to dispel if we are to survive as a species on this planet.

Human consciousness is split by the ego into an inner and an outer expression, and here on Earth each is experienced as a separate phenomenon, but in truth, they are both dynamically and interdependently linked. This concept is illustrated in the following diagram.


The inner and outer expressions of each astrological planet are unified and synthesized by a higher expression that is the originating source of both. It represents the archetype as it exists in the 'mind of God' (i.e. as it exists 'monadically'). Thus, it forms the divine apex of a symbolic triangle. It's located at a level of consciousness beyond the awareness of most human-beings on Earth.

Each natal planet in a birth-chart embodies all three expressions of its archetype—the inner, outer, and unifying aspects. When interpreting the meaning and influence of the planets in an individual's chart, both the internal and external expressions should be considered.

In a natal chart the influence of each planet is weighted either towards the internal or external expressions, or is balanced somewhere in-between. And this is dependent on the evolutionary state of the individual.

Example: I used the glyph for natal Jupiter in the diagram above, so I'll stay with Jupiter in this example. The Jupiter archetype often manifests externally as significant personal interactions with people who have strong ideologies, opinions, philosophies, cultural attitudes, and/or belief systems. Quite often these interactions challenge the mind-set of the individual, provoking him to re-examine his existing point-of-view, and expand his consciousness to a new level of understanding. If powerful external expressions of the Jupiter archetype currently dominate a person's life it indicates that they're undergoing a major evolutionary experience (involving Jupiter) that's designed to broaden their mind, and dispel personal illusions. In this case, a person sometimes becomes involved with, or is confronted by, people with strong belief systems who seek to indoctrinate (or influence) the individual with their own ideas. The evolutionary purpose of this kind of experience is to urge the individual to develop the Jupiter archetype more perfectly within themselves through a process of mental evaluation and ideation.

The law of Evolution ensures that when the inner expression of a planetary archetype is weak then the outer expression of that archetype will present itself as a catalyst in a person's life until he/she has sufficiently developed and integrated the inner archetype within their consciousness. The esoteric feedback loop that links the external, internal, and higher unifying expressions of a planetary archetype guarantees that the appropriate experience will be provided to each individual (i.e. according to his/her evolutionary needs).


The diagram above shows the evolutionary dynamic that's active in a person's life who has Jupiter in Capricorn in the 2nd House. The emphasis is towards the external expression of the Jupiter archetype. The unifying source (i.e. the monad) manages the manifestation of the Jupiter archetype through the sign Capricorn. Physical circumstances associated with the process develop within the context of the individual's 2nd House. In this example, the emerging 2nd House experience by-passes the individual's personal consciousness (i.e. the inner Jupiter faculty does not register a conscious signal from the unifying source). Therefore, the occurrence of the event was/is completely beyond their conscious control. The individual's only option is to react to the event as best they may, and learn from the resulting experience.

I call this astrological condition the projection and reflection of the planetary archetype. While the inner expression of an archetype remains undeveloped the individual experiences that archetype vicariously through the agency (i.e. behavior) of other people acting as catalysts around him/her. The purpose of these evolutionary experiences is to stimulate a reaction within the psyche of the individual in order to foment the growth of the inner planetary archetype.

As an individual evolves, the emphasis gradually shifts away from the unconsciously projected outer expression of each planetary archetype towards its internal expression. When a person is predominantly focused towards the inner Jupiter archetype (for example) he/she becomes receptive to knowledge, information, and guidance issuing directly from the unifying source of the Jupiter archetype. That knowledge enables the individual to become consciously involved in a creative process that's being orchestrated from the unifying source (i.e. human monad).


The diagram above shows an individual who has developed the inner Jupiter archetype to such a degree that they're able to sense the influence of the unifying source. Information flows from the human monad (i.e. from its Jupiter aspect) into the conscious awareness of the individual via the sign Capricorn. The same signal also flows towards and coordinates a concomitant external manifestation of the Jupiter archetype (that appears in the individual's 2nd House). Thus the individual is consciously 'in the creative loop' and can therefore participate consciously in the divine creative process that seeks to move through his/her physical being.

Example: An individual who's consciousness is polarized towards the inner Jupiter archetype is open to divine inspiration. S/he is able to consciously participate in the realization (i.e. manifestation) of an idea that has emanated from the 'mind of God' (i.e. from monadic levels). As the individual takes steps to bring the divine idea into physical manifestation, the external (i.e. environmental) expression of the Jupiter archetype responds harmoniously and constructively (to the actions and intent of the individual) by providing the materials needed during the manifestation process. It's a magically synchronized cooperative process that's coordinated by Jupiter's unifying source (within the monad). I describe it as 'magical' (i.e. supra-rational) because that's how it appears to the limited perception of the rational mind. The process is governed by a principle that naturally exists beyond the field of observation of mundane science.

Visualization Exercise

The planetary signal that flows from the unifying source is carried into human consciousness, and simultaneously into the external environment, by the higher malachim (i.e. zodiacal angels). The associated subjective experience that manifests in our personal world is manufactured by the lower malachim who symbolically occupy the twelve houses of the birth-chart. (More Information.) When you know the names of the malachim who are active in your natal chart you can use those names in your meditation and visualization exercises.

The name of the zodiacal angel who's associated with Jupiter in Capricorn is A'giel (Ayin + Gimel + iel, עגאל). If you have natal Jupiter in Capricorn then A'giel carries the Jupiter impulse from the unifying source into your consciousness. And therefore, you can invoke A'giel during your meditation in an effort to become more conscious of your inner connection to the unifying (i.e. monadic) source of the Jupiter archetype. If natal Jupiter is in your 2nd House then the name of the lesser angel attached to it is Giviel (Gimel + Vav + iel, גואל).

The lesser angels (i.e. the angels of the Houses) obey the instructions they receive from the higher zodiacal angels (who are in direct contact with the unifying source). The role of the lower malachim is to manipulate the physical environment so that the prescribed conditions and events come into manifestation. When an individual has developed the inner planetary archetype then s/he is able to work consciously and cooperatively with the lower malachim during the manifestation process. Events flow very smoothly in a person's life when s/he is moving in harmony with the unfolding creative purpose of the unifying source.

The following very rudimentary example exercise is applicable to individuals who have natal Jupiter in Capricorn.

Example Exercise: Sit comfortably. Close your eyes. Relax. Focus on your inner expression of the Jupiter archetype. (If you're accustomed to working with the Tree of Life, or the magic octahedron, then focus on the sefirah Hesed. Otherwise, simply imagine yourself within a sphere of blue light.) See the Jupiter glyph shining brightly at your centre, or within the sefirah Hesed. Now visualize the planet Jupiter in the heavens above you. As you breathe in see a line of blue light descend from Jupiter into your aura (or the sefirah Hesed). See the Capricorn glyph shine brightly within the line of light. As you breathe out intone the name of the angel A'giel (representing Jupiter in Capricorn). Continue the visualization and intonation for a few minutes. At this point you can ask the angel A'giel for guidance. Then open yourself to monadic impression.

You might use this exercise if you're experiencing some personal difficulties in relation to a major transit to your natal Jupiter in Capricorn. In this case, you would ask for guidance on how to better cooperate with the Jupiterian forces that are currently active in your life.

Patrick Mulcahy
(15th April, 2012)