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The Metaphysical
Significance of Pi

Author: Patrick Mulcahy
Subject: Kabbalah, Sacred Mathematics, Theosophy
Details: 77 pages, 26 diagrams, 1.4mb.
Format: Adobe Acrobat E-book (PDF Document)
Release Date: 22th July, 2008
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22nd July, 2008. This treatise uses the mathematical Pi constant to develop a blueprint for understanding the metaphysical nature of the universe and the human condition. It derives certain fundamental esoteric principles that are based on Pi, and that help explain the nature of consciousness and universal cycles. These Pi-based principles explain both the linear and non-linear characteristics of subjective experience and 'objective' manifestation. Using the symbolism of the basic structure of the Pi constant, it is shown that there exists a singularity (or Monad) located beyond space and time, but around which consciousness (focussed within space and time) revolves and evolves. This book consists of 77 pages and 26 diagrams.

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