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My Journey So Far

My exploration of the non-physical (i.e. esoteric) realms began with a tarot reading in the mid 1980s. It was the first time I was exposed to anything remotely esoteric, and I was captivated by the beauty and symbolism of the cards. During the reading I felt a deep sympathetic resonance (like an emerging memory of the ancient past). Straight after the reading I went out and bought my very first esoteric book—the only tarot book in the shop—The Book of Thoth, by Aleister Crowley. The author was unknown to me (at the time) and the book turned out to be a mind-bender. It certainly fuelled the flame that had ignited within me.

My next esoteric book acquisition was one about the Kabbalah. It was written by Zev ben Shimon Halevi (Warren Kenton). Needless to say I loved it, and from that time onwards the Kabbalah became a major interest for me (and has dominated my life to the present).

I didn't begin my full time astrological practice until 1993—when (as I later discovered) transiting Uranus and Neptune were conjuncting my natal Sun/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn. During that time I became incredibly passionate about astrology (and still am to this day).

During the late 1990s I learned website design and in 1998 I built the first edition of my AstroQab website. I named it AstroQab because my two passions in life were/are astrology and qabalah (or kabbalah). My initial aim was to write and publish articles under the two separate headings: Astrology and Qabalah. I didn't realise when I first launched AstroQab that my most important work would involve combining astrology and kabbalah into one complete system (that is now called Jacob's Wheel).

I discovered Jacob's Wheel in early 2001—during the few days in January that a lunar eclipse aligned with my Sun/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn. The impact was like a 'divine revelation', but I didn't come to more fully understand the nature of the geometrical figure that is Jacob's Wheel until near the end of 2001. The mandala turned out to be an archetypal (i.e. astrological) cycle and phase calculator that traces a complex spiral pathway consisting of 441 steps. Each step on the path represents a unique astrological influence (and these influences can be anticipated and interpreted by consulting the mandala).

About twelve months later (i.e. in 2002-3) I learned some basic computer programming skills and subsequently created a software program that calculates your location within the spiral of Jacob's Wheel. The software makes it very easy to use the system for predictive purposes, and (I should mention that) the accuracy of the Jacob's Wheel system is incredible. The latest versions of my Jacob's Wheel programs are available for download as freeware from this site.

In the last few years (2008-13) I've written several esoteric books that I offer here for free, but I'm yet to write a book on the Jacob's Wheel system. My feeling is that I'll write it later in life—after I've fully unravelled its meaning and practical applications.

Recently (i.e. during 2010-11) Iíve also created (or discovered) a system that enables you to determine the names of the angels with whom you are working in your current life-time. The angels' names are derived directly from your astrological birth chart. A basic explanation of the method is provided here on my website. While visiting my site you might also like to investigate the new research I'm doing on (what I call) 'Radian Astrology'. It's listed as Cosmic Breath in my navigation menu.

I've been a full-time astrologer, tarot reader, and writer since the early 1990s. My approach to the tarot is uniquely astrological—it being based on my own developed and well-tested system of interpretation. During my readings I relate the tarot cards to the planets and signs as they are positioned in your birth-chart, and to any major astrological influences (i.e. transits) that are currently affecting you. I find that this technique dramatically increases accuracy when divining the timing of events (i.e. as indicated in a tarot reading).

My approach to astrology explores (and combines) both the spiritual and mundane dimensions of human experience. Being a Capricorn I have a very practical approach to astrology and tarot, and this is reflected in the guidance that I offer during my consultations.

I believe that everybody is entitled to the wonderful benefits that astrology can bring, so I aim to keep my readings affordable, and (to this end) I also offer 'donation-based' astrology readings that are available here at my website.

Patrick Mulcahy
September, 2011

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