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The Jacob's Wheel Cycle/Phase Calculator

This software is a valuable tool for practicing astrologers because it offers a new comprehensive method of chart analysis based on the Jacob's Wheel system of tracking archetypal cycles and phases.

The JW cycles/phases are based on the meaning of the 22 astrological archetypes (12 signs and 10 planets) as they combine to form a 'phase equation'. Some basic interpretations of the Jacob's Wheel cycles and phases are included.

During a consultation all the cycle and phase archetypes are referred back to the client's astrological birth-chart and interpreted in light of their placement in the client's chart. For example, if your client is currently experiencing a Jacob's Wheel Jupiter cycle their experience of the cycle will closely reflect the meaning of the sign/house placement (and aspects) of Jupiter in their horoscope.

The Jacob's Wheel
Mini Calculators

The Jacob's Wheel Mini Calculators are ideal for a newcomer to the Jacob's Wheel system. The 'Eight Hour Phase Edition' displays your one-week cycles and eight-hour phases, and is incredibly simple to use. The 'One Day Phase Edition' displays your three-week cycles and one-day phases. These programs automatically build a database of saved profiles as you enter each new person's birth-data. Basic interpretations for each cycle/phase can be viewed with a click of the mouse.

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Jacob's Wheel
Astrological Version

New! The best way to learn and use the Jacob's Wheel system is by tracking your cycles/phases using this wall-chart.