The Moon

Graduating From
Planet Earth

NEW! "The Earth is a place for souls who need experience and training in the physical realm. It's a place for would-be creators to learn the ropes and participate in the process of divine co-Creation. But once committed, the Earth is a place we cannot leave until we have learned the lessons, developed the attributes, and overcome the challenges of living on the earth plane..."

Planetary Dynamics
How the Planets Affect
Your Consciousness and Life

"The ten natal planets/luminaries in an astrological chart symbolize ten faculties of human consciousness. It's natural, therefore, to think of them as forces that only function internally—that is, within the sphere of our inner consciousness. But in truth there is also an 'externalized' expression of each planetary archetype that flows into and is focused within our subjective reality (i.e. local environment)..."

The 462 Gates

NEW! "There is much confusion, even among the ancient scribes who transcribed the Sefer Yetzirah, as to how many 'gates' were mentioned in the original text. Modern editions of the Sefer Yetzirah usually reference 231 gates (i.e. Hebrew letter pairings), but this number 231 is incorrect because it doesn't include the reflected permutations of the gates...."

The Law of Equilibration

NEW! There is operating within our world, a powerful evolutionary force that dominates most people's lives, both individually and at the collective level, but which is generally unknown. It's a fundamental principle that I refer to as the 'Law of Equilibration'...

The Emergence of
the Divine Plan

NEW! "...The divine Plan is an expression of the higher Reality of the human soul. It's a long-term project because it tends to be resisted by incarnate Humanity. The Plan is resisted because it usually conflicts with the reality picture that the collective Human ego is seeking to manifest. But it's slowly and progressively being realized through the conscious and unconscious participation of every member of the Human family...