Some books I've written...

Sefer Yetzirah Magic
The Key to the Holy Temple

12 Dec. 2012. The Sefer Yetzirah ('Book of Formation') is the ancient source text from which the contemporary design of the kabbalistic Tree of Life diagram has evolved. The original 'Tree of Yetzirah' design however, is different in certain important respects to our modern day versions of the Tree diagram. This book includes an exposition of the original design of the Tree and develops a system of magic (and 'initiation') that's based on the Sefer Yetzirah's original metaphysical blueprint. Updated: 6th Aug. 2013.

The Divine Measure
Of Time & Space

14th Oct, 2010. The way we measure time and space reflects the limited perception of the rational mind. This book seeks to stimulate a more esoteric understanding of time and space by examining the basic precepts upon which our measurement of the universe is based. Updated: 27th Jan. 2013.

Esoteric Harmonics

22nd Aug, 2009. This book reveals how to recalibrate the musical octaves so that they harmonize perfectly with the underlying metaphysical structure of our universe. The resulting tones can then be employed in practical esoteric work, or in music composition.

Astrology & the Devas
of the Planes

14th April, 2009. An Exploration of the Inner Workings of Astrology. This book describes the esoteric mechanism of astrology. It presents a thesis based on the Theosophical principles taught by Master Djwal Khul in his books by Alice Bailey. These metaphysical ideas form the foundation for a complete philosophy of life. Updated: 3rd March, 2010.

The Metaphysical
Significance of Pi

22nd July, 2008. This treatise uses the mathematical Pi constant to develop a blueprint for understanding the metaphysical nature of the universe and the human condition. It derives certain fundamental esoteric principles that are based on Pi, and that help explain the nature of consciousness and universal cycles. These Pi-based principles explain both the linear and non-linear characteristics of subjective experience and 'objective' manifestation.

Formation of the
Tree of Life

2010 Edition! This book reveals the secret of how the kabbalistic Tree of Life diagram is systematically built in a series of steps from Ain Sof to Malkut. It shows how each step involves combining the twenty-two Hebrew letters in certain conformations to produce the ten sefirot and the twenty-two pathways. The 2010 Edition is revised and greatly expanded.