How Jacob's Wheel Can Help You
Manage Your Relationships

[Note: 'Synastry' is an astrological term that refers to the influence of planetary inter-aspects that form when human-beings interact with each other.]

The Jacob's Wheel astrological system is extremely useful as a guide for predicting the 'archetypal forces' (and/or 'psychological dynamics') that will be active when two (or more) people interact with each other.

Of course, the birth-data of each person needs to be known beforehand in order to use the Jacob's Wheel system in this way.

The inter-aspects that occur between the natal charts of two individuals are fixed for the duration of their current life-times. In other words, if your natal Pluto squares my natal Moon I will always be susceptible to that influence (and vice versa) when we interact with each other. But the fact that your Pluto squares my Moon doesn't mean that our every interaction will produce an intense emotional experience. The Pluto square Moon inter-aspect requires certain conditions to be present when we meet with each other for it to become activated (or emphasized). But how can we know when those conditions will be present? This is where the Jacob's Wheel system proves invaluable.

Determining the conditioning astrological forces that will be active during a meeting between two individuals is easy using the Jacob's Wheel system. I recommend that you use the Jacob's Wheel mini calculators for this purpose. Click here to visit the download page.

The easiest way to use the Jacob's Wheel programs for synastry purposes is to install each mini calculator twice in two separate folders. This will enable you to start up two instances of each calculator and thus easily compare the concurrent phases of two individuals. They are very small programs so their installation won't use up much space on your hard-drive.

In our example I'll use the Eight Hour Phase Edition of the mini calculator, but the same principles and methodologies also apply to the One Day Phase Edition.

When a meeting has been scheduled we can consult the Jacob's Wheel calculator and examine each individual's phase for the period of the meeting. If you are unhappy with the combination of archetypes that are active then you might choose to reschedule it to a time when a more pleasing phase combination will occur.

Example: Suppose we wish to schedule an important business meeting with a colleague to discuss financial issues.

In this example, because the meeting is business related it's best to look for a period when the Scorpio, Taurus, Venus, and/or Pluto archetypes are active. The Mars archetype can also be beneficial at business meetings, but sometimes it engenders conflict, or competitiveness. The Pluto archetype is sometimes empowering, but at other times it coincides with intense experiences that require great self-control.

The following image shows two instances of the Eight Hour Phase calculator open side-by-side on the desktop. You will need to manually drag the calculator windows into this position.


It's easy to change the date by clicking on the small arrows, or the blue star at the bottom of the window. Look for consonant phases that overlap each other in time (like those highlighted in the image above).

You'll often find that 'fate' will arrange a meeting when the Jacob's Wheel phase archetypes are optimal for the purpose at hand. This is especially the case when you're 'on your soul path' and operating from a place of Self-integrity and good-will. Then there is no need to re-schedule an appointment because the Ophanim ('Wheel angels') of Jacob's Wheel have already organized the meeting for the best possible time.

If there is a perceived need to re-schedule to a more favorable period it's probably because the timing isn't right for the intended activity. Sometimes human-beings rush into things, or try to force ideas into manifestation prematurely. Difficult Jacob's Wheel synastry phase combinations can be an indication of this condition.

Patrick Mulcahy
(4th April, 2012)