Jacob's Wheel Essential Tools

Jacob's Wheel Wall-chart
Astrological Version

The best way to learn and use the Jacob's Wheel system of kabbalistic astrology and magic is by directly referring to a large visual representation of the master mandala.

By following your Jacob's Wheel cycles/phases via an image of the master mandala you gain a true and living sense of the esoteric spiral-cyclic nature of time (and the Universe). It is also easy to see the many inter-relationships that exist between the various forces working within the structure of the mandala (and therefore within your life).

This astrological wall-chart (and its companion Hebrew version) is designed to make your astrological (and magical) work with Jacob's Wheel easy, fun, and effective.

[Hint: Use a white-board marker to highlight you current 4-month, 2-month, and 1-month phases on the laminated poster.]

The following downloadable PDF document contains a high quality grey-scale A1-sized vector-based image of the Jacob's Wheel master mandala. It includes a helpful reference table that displays the starting ages for all your major Jacob's Wheel cycles (from age 0 to age 96). And other useful reference diagrams are also included in the bottom section of the wall-chart.

Another benefit of this grey-scale map is the fact that it can be inexpensively printed (see below).

Note: A Hebrew version of the Jacob's Wheel master mandala wall-chart is also included as a bonus in the download folder below.

Astro wall-chart

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Download (2 mb)

Printing the Jacob's Wheel Wall-charts

These PDF wall-chart documents can be taken to a print-shop, or large business supplies shop where they can be printed to A1 poster size straight off your flash-drive.

If you desire an inexpensive print option try looking for a shop that prints architectural plans and have them print the wall-chart. In Australia the OfficeWorks chain will print a grey-scale A1-sized poster for $2.05 and laminate it for $10.00. This is based on my own personal experience of the OfficeWorks store located in Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia. You can upload and have your wall-chart printed directly from the OfficeWorks website. Choose 'Large Format and Plan Printing', A1 size. Your selection should appear as per the following graphic (i.e. for a laminated A1-sized wall-chart).

OfficeWorks Print Selection

Delivery is expensive so you may prefer to pick up your wall-chart from your local OfficeWorks store. This can be arranged during your online order process.

[Please Note: I accept no responsibility for your use/experience of the OfficeWorks website.]

New Colour Jacob's Wheel Posters
Now Available

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The Jacob's Wheel Cycle/Phase Calculator

Note: The following software will only work in the Microsoft WINDOWS operating system.


The Jacob's Wheel astrology system is unique and innovative, and this software is a valuable tool for practicing astrologers because it offers a new comprehensive method of chart analysis based on the Jacob's Wheel system of tracking archetypal cycles and phases.

The JW cycles/phases are based on the meaning of the 22 astrological archetypes (12 signs and 10 planets) and the way that they combine to produce a 'phase equation'. For astrological novices, this software includes some basic interpretations of the Jacob's Wheel cycles and phases.

During a consultation all the cycle and phase archetypes are referred back to the client's astrological birth-chart and interpreted in light of their placement in the client's chart. For example, if your client is currently experiencing a Jacob's Wheel Jupiter cycle their experience of the cycle will closely reflect the meaning of the sign/house placement (and aspects) of Jupiter in their horoscope.

Note: This software is completely FREE and contains no spyware or adware.

Download Folder (2.2mb)

The Jacob's Wheel
Mini Calculator


[Eight Hour Phase Edition] This very useful mini cycle/phase calculator is ideal for a newcomer to the Jacob's Wheel system. It displays your one-week cycles and eight-hour phases, and is incredibly simple to use. It automatically builds a database of saved profiles as you enter each new person's birth-data. Basic interpretations for each cycle/phase can be viewed with a click of the mouse. It is a freeware program that can be downloaded from the following folder...

Download Folder ( jw_minicalc_8h_installer.zip, 1.8mb)

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