The Solar System
(Part Three)

Part Two

The Seven Inner Planets & the Path of Discipleship

7. Saturn
6. Jupiter
(Asteroid Belt)
5. Mars
4. Venus
3. Mercury
2. Moon
1. Sun

Diagram Three: The Seven Inner Planets

You will notice (in the above) that the traditional order of the seven inner planets has been restored, and that the movement of energy through the seven planetary archetypes now (more or less) follows the natural path from the centre of our solar system (as pin-pointed by the Sun) to the sphere of Saturn. This sequence reflects the process of creation that all 'disciples upon the path of Light' are involved in.

Note: In the above, the Moon is not positioned in its natural place in terms of the physical solar system (i.e. it should – along with the Earth – be stationed between Venus and Mars). This re-arrangement is based upon the traditional planetary rulerships of the zodiacal signs from Leo to Aquarius (inclusive)...

1. Leo - Sun
2. Cancer - Moon
3. Gemini - Mercury
4. Taurus - Venus
5. Aries - Mars
6. Pisces - Jupiter
7. Aquarius - Saturn

Also, the Moon is esoterically understood to be the intermediary of the Sun – as well as the physical reflector of the Sun's light – and so it is placed next to the Sun, and both of them are considered as 'luminaries'.

The Two 'Veiled' Planets

As a human-being enters the 'Path of Discipleship' s/he begins to gain conscious access to two new astrological influences. These influences emanate from the spheres of Uranus and Neptune - the two planets that are next in line beyond the orbit of Saturn.

The reason that Uranus and Neptune become active influences within the consciousness of disciples is because a disciple (by definition) has integrated the creative influences of Jupiter and Saturn into his/her consciousness and therefore, is beginning to become consciously receptive also to radiations emanating from even more remote creative sources (i.e. Uranus and Neptune). Here is a table that demonstrates the positions that Uranus and Neptune occupy in the planetary cycle.

Diagram Four
The Two Veiled Planets (influencing Disciples)

9. (Neptune)
8. (Uranus)
(Deep Space - planets no longer visible)
7. Saturn
6. Jupiter
(Asteroid Belt)
5. Mars
4. Venus
3. Mercury
2. Moon
1. Sun

But because our Universe is built (esoterically speaking) upon the number seven, when we reach that number (and wish to proceed beyond it) we must make a 'quantum leap' and enter a higher turn of the spiral. As we enter this new 'higher' turn of the 'continuous spiral of becoming' we find ourselves situated at the beginning of another seven-fold cycle of unfoldment.

In Diagram Four, Uranus (8) and Neptune (9) actually become numbers (1) and (2) of a new cycle of seven that exists on a higher turn of the cosmic spiral. The 'quantum jump' to Uranus and Neptune is effected gradually (through the medium of the Sun and the Moon) as each human-being treads the 'path of discipleship'. Gradually the creative influences of Uranus and Neptune (via the Sun and Moon) become stronger until 'Mastery' of these forces is achieved at the 5th and 6th initiations.

Here is how these more advanced correspondences look on Jacob's Wheel...

Diagram Five: Jacob's Wheel - Planetary Correspondences for Disciples

We will now investigate how these influences effect disciples as they symbolically progress through the seven planetary spheres from the Sun to Saturn.

1 - Sun (veiling Uranus)

Note: The sphere of Uranus focuses the Active Intelligence principle of the Solar Logos. [See: The Solar System (Part One) for more information.]

One of the pre-requisites for becoming a 'disciple' is that a person must be successfully demonstrating (or radiating within their environment) the unique energy that reflects (in purity) their true individuality. A disciple has reached a 'state of being' where he/she naturally expresses the true quality (or 'key-note') of his soul, and its pure radiation permeates (and qualifies) every creation that emerges from his consciousness. The attainment of this 'state of being' is the ultimate goal for 'Average Humanity' (as indicated by the planetary cycle described in the previous section). That is why the planetary sequence for Average Humanity moves towards (and concludes with) the Sun.

Here, the situation is reversed, and we have the Sun initiating (for those on the 'Path of Discipleship') the commencement of the creative cycle.

The inspirational idea that starts the wheel turning comes to the disciple from the veiled sphere of Uranus. A 'creative seed' originating from Uranus is implanted into the energy field of the Sun which in turn clothes it in an envelope of an unique vibrational quality. This vibrational quality reflects the soul's particular ray as well as the special individuality inherent within the disciple's causal body.

The sphere of Uranus is the source of the 'creative genius' of every human-being, but it is not until discipleship has been achieved that conscious access to that unique energy is gained. Its activation in consciousness establishes a link between a disciple's soul and the Universal Father principle. (And it is also associated with the 'Jewel within the Lotus'.)

The creative idea that is spawned by Uranus (within the Sun) is always connected to (and in harmony with) the Grand Plan of the Spiritual Hierarchy. It is this Uranian 'spark of light' that distinguishes the true disciple from the creative 'artist' (i.e. who belongs to the group we call 'Average Humanity'). The artist's Sun expresses a certain amount of creative energy (i.e. expressing the radiant quality of his causal body) but his work is not necessarily imbued with 'genius' (such that it reflects an aspect of the divine purpose of the Spiritual Hierarchy).

So we can see that during this advanced cycle (through the seven planetary archetypes) a disciple is learning to handle correctly the energy of the veiled planets - Uranus and Neptune, and this is his challenge and the main goal of his endeavors during the cycle. But also, as the cycle unfolds he is able to contribute something of significance to the manifesting Plan of the Divine Hierarchy.

2 - Moon (veiling Neptune)

Note: The sphere of Neptune is a focus for the Love-Wisdom aspect of the Solar Logos. [See: The Solar System (Part One) for more information.]

During this phase of the cycle the emphasis shifts away from a disciple's own personal needs (Moon) to more compassionate, humanitarian, and Universal considerations (Neptune).

The Spiritual Hierarchy requires that its members are attuned to, and motivated by, certain desires expressing the energy of Love-Wisdom of the Solar Logos. And disciples who are incarnate upon the Earth generally become attuned to those logoic desires that are aimed towards:

1) Working to assist the evolution of Humanity.
2) Teaching Humanity how to be wise custodians of planet Earth.
3) Preparing for the 'externalization of the Hierarchy' on Earth.

As such, most disciples will be drawn, by the influence of Neptune, into one (or more) of these basic paths of service.

The influences of Uranus and Neptune are beginning to work together in perfect harmony and co-ordination within the consciousness of a disciple. The 'creative seed' that is provided by the sphere of Uranus grows towards fruition along a particular line of Earth service into which a disciple is intuitively guided by his contact with Neptune. The sphere of Neptune stimulates a feeling of selfless devotion (i.e. a 'calling') that draws a disciple magnetically towards an opportunity for productive service. The opportunity that is presented to him provides (synchronistically) the perfect avenue for the creative energy of Uranus to be brought into manifestation so that Humanity may benefit from its potent creative-evolutionary force.

Note: We see here another version of the Tetragrammaton forming that applies specifically to disciples. It consists of the Sun (veiling Uranus) and the Moon (veiling Neptune) representing the initial Yod and Ha of YHVH. They reflect the Father and Mother principles respectively.

3 - Mercury

In order for the 'creative seed' (of Sun-Uranus) to grow it is required to acquire a mental form. It needs to be processed on the mental plane. In other words, the initial inspiration needs to be pondered, developed, and expanded so that it comes to embody (or be expressed by) an ever-growing complex of inter-connected ideas. The disciple must seek to understand the nature, basic meaning, and further ramifications of the new revelation.

Note: The Hebrew letter Vav (in the Tetragrammatic formula - YHVH) indicates this stage of the creative process. The YHV triad (of Sun-Moon-Mercury, veiling Uranus-Neptune-Mercury) represents a lengthy process of mental activity that becomes focussed in the final Ha (of Venus).

It is the duty of the disciple (as well as his natural desire) to direct the search-light of his mind into realms of knowledge that complement (and that bear some relation to) the inspirational idea that he has been given. He must expand his mind to encompass and integrate various thought-forms (within the collective pool of human knowledge) that will nourish his own 'divine inspiration'.

It is also important during this time that the disciple reach out and establish communication with other like-minded individuals. The sharing of knowledge and information (during this phase) leads to rapid progress, but also it helps to expand, strengthen, and anchor on the Earth plane the network of incarnate souls who represent the ashrams of the Masters and the 'New Group of World Servers'.

4 - Venus

Venus, in the first instance, reflects the desire of a disciple to bring the physical, astral, and mental aspects of his being into harmony with the new inspiration (i.e. that was received from the Sun veiling Uranus).

When the 'creative seed' is implanted within the mind of a disciple it may cause a disruption to his existing preconceptions and 'thought-patterns'. Conflicts may arise that involve various aspects of the disciple's present understanding and these need to be resolved in order for the new inspiration to be properly integrated into his consciousness. This process is also a necessary prelude to the disciple receiving any further inspiration from the sphere of Uranus.

Secondly, the magnetic quality of Venus assists the disciple to gather about himself the substance he needs to clothe the inspiration he has received. The desires of the soul (of a disciple) have become also his personality's desires, and these special personal/soul desires work in conjunction with the spiritual forces of the Moon-Neptune (i.e. of the Great Mother principle). The disciple becomes like a magnet (charged with soul-desire) so that he draws to himself the resources he will need to establish a firm foundation within which the new inspiration can grow and flourish. The resources that he attracts (specifically for this effort) are serendipitously provided to him by the 'Great Mother' principle.

5 - Mars

Now begins a phase of concerted creative activity.

Once the basic foundation has been built then the disciple has all the tools and resources he needs to apply himself creatively towards the further development of the original inspiration.

The information he has gathered in previous phases and cycles now becomes as a ground-bed of mulch from which can sprout a multitude of new creative projects, but all containing at their heart a measure of the life and light of the original Uranian monadic inspiration. Thus, each individual project (initiated by the disciple) is linked with every other one - specifically, by a unifying source of monadic energy originating from the plane of Atma. From out of this divine source are drawn the enlivening sparks of life that become the energizing core of each separate creative project. They are like the emerging facets of a great and brilliant jewel.

6 - Jupiter

A large body of self-created knowledge is established by the disciple, as well as a vision of future possibilities. The intuitive faculty becomes enhanced and wisdom is gained as his consciousness expands.

The emphasis (for the disciple) during this phase of the cycle is on broadening and deepening his pool of knowledge so that it becomes more comprehensive (i.e. so that its many component parts come to form a more unified whole). Also, if there are any pieces of the jigsaw that are still missing then those holes will be filled during this phase.

The disciple's perspective (or 'world view') changes (during this phase) as a result of the deepening of his knowledge. And he becomes able to see further ahead into the future because his consciousness has been raised to higher levels of awareness. In other words, he is now able to view the world from a more elevated perspective and thus he can see a greater distance (than he was previously able).

At this stage it is likely that the disciple's own particular way of understanding 'life' and the nature of the world will differ considerably from the collective paradigm that occupies the mind-space of Average Humanity. This is because his mind has expanded into realms of knowledge that exist beyond the 'normal' limitations of time and space. He has gained access to revolutionary ideas that he must now use to try and free the mind-set of Humanity from the 'trammels of matter'. (Note that each disciple will employ his knowledge within a field of service that reflects and supports the work of the inner-plane ashram to which he has become affiliated.)

7 - Saturn

The increased wisdom that the disciple has gained can now be practically applied. A definite purpose is formulated that is based on his unique perspective (and that utilises the body of his knowledge) and towards which all his efforts become directed.

Prior to this stage of the cycle the disciple has been building the foundation and body of the pyramid, but the capstone has remained unmanifest. The capstone (of light) represents the overseeing (and supervising) eye of the divine architect, and as the body of the pyramid reaches completion that 'eye' begins to materialise. In other words, the special purpose that has remained hidden from the disciple's normal awareness begins to emerge within his consciousness.

The Saturnian 'capstone' brings all the disciple's diverse knowledge, experience, and previous activities together to a focussed point of divine purpose that encompasses past, present, and future.

The 'special purpose' that I am alluding to here has existed from before the moment of conception (of the original Uranian inspiration) but has remained beyond the conscious perception of the disciple so as to prevent him from acting prematurely or otherwise allowing his personality to interfere with the delicate unfoldment of the Great Work.

The Achievement of 'Mastery'

The 'first initiation' (called 'The Birth of the Christ') is the ultimate accomplishment achieved during the 'inward' planetary cycle from Saturn to the Sun. It is then that the consciousness of a human-being becomes firmly anchored in the solar principle (i.e. the principle that is located symbolically at the center of the microcosm) and he is said to become a 'disciple'. At that time his energy reverses its flow and begins to move (symbolically speaking) from the Sun to Saturn (or, from the center to the periphery).

On the reversed path towards Saturn (i.e. from the Sun) the disciple experiences three more initiations - these being the second, third, and fourth initiations, called the 'Baptism', the 'Transfiguration', and the 'Renunciation' respectively. These three initiations are associated with the planetary spheres of Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, with Saturn (and the fourth initiation) signaling the end of the sevenfold cycle of the 'path of discipleship'.

As we know, the disciple is learning (on this path) how to consciously integrate the energies of the spheres of Uranus and Neptune, and thus when a certain mile-stone of achievement has been reached he is able to shift himself onto a new higher turn of the 'cosmic spiral of becoming'. So, after the fourth initiation (called the 'Renunciation') there is experienced a 'quantum jump' that takes the disciple to a new seven-fold cycle that begins with the spheres of Uranus and Neptune. This jump marks beginning of the fifth initiation (called the 'Revelation'). It is a 'jump' that officially signals that the disciple is now ready to become a 'Master'.

Diagram Six: Planetary Wheel Showing Initiations Two to Six

NOTE: The 'quantum leap' from Saturn to Uranus (in Diagram Six above) sees a disciple let go of his 'causal body' (as represented by the Sun), leap across the Abyss, and establish himself within a new sphere of influence. The planet Uranus symbolises a monadic connection that supercedes the causal body's previously strong influence in the disciple's life. The disciple effectively gains a new ('non-egoic') sense of identity centred within the monad. This process is identical to that described by Master Djwal Khul when He speaks of the destruction of the causal body during the 4th Initiation (called the Renunciation, or Crucifixion).

The relationship between the planet Neptune and the 6th Initiation (see Diagram Six above) is intimated by Master DK when he says "...this sixth initiation is related, in a peculiar way, to Path VI. ...This Path is necessarily related to the sixth Ray of Devotion or Idealism, and also to the sixth plane, the astral plane - the plane of glamor and of desire." [From: The Rays and the Initiations, by Alice Bailey. Pg. 721.]

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