The Esoteric Solar System
(Part Two)

Part Three

The Seven Inner Planets & the Path for Humanity

What we call the seven 'inner planets' - namely, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, effectively constitute (in an astrological sense) the extent of the microcosmic consciousness principle. There is a naturally occurring limit to consciousness that is esoterically defined by the sphere of Saturn. This is because Saturn is the farthest planet able to be seen with the naked human eye (i.e. by an observer on Earth) and the sense of 'sight' symbolically equates with 'consciousness'. The 'outer' planets - Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, signify 'spiritual', or 'super-conscious' forces that are beyond the reach of average human consciousness.

When we talk about the seven 'inner planets' we are using an astrological convention that, for the sake of convenience, includes the Sun and Moon which, of course, we know are not really planets. In astrology, we call the Sun and the Moon the two 'luminaries' and when the seven 'inner planets' are listed in their traditional sequence the two luminaries are placed ahead of the five actual planets. Also, because the Earth is our point of reference in 'geocentric' astrology, it is omitted from the astrological seven.

The standard sequence for listing the seven 'inner planets' mirrors the physical structure of our solar system, but the position of the Moon in this sequence is symbolical rather than actual. The Moon is positioned second (after the Sun) because the Earth is omitted and, like the Sun, the Moon is also considered to be a 'luminary'.

Note: The ancient origin of this special planetary sequence is based on the order of the traditional planetary rulerships of the signs from Leo to Aquarius (inclusive)...

1. Leo - Sun
2. Cancer - Moon
3. Gemini - Mercury
4. Taurus - Venus
5. Aries - Mars
6. Pisces - Jupiter
7. Aquarius - Saturn

In this 'Part Two' of our treatise on the 'Solar System' we will be using the traditional sequence of the seven inner planets and putting forth the proposition that this sequence embodies certain esoteric knowledge pertaining to the development of the 'consciousness' principle within our solar system.

Here is a diagram that illustrates the main thrust of this teaching.

Diagram One: The Seven Inner Planets

The theory (I am here presenting) is that this ordering of the planets describes an esoteric process - actually a dual process - of evolution on the one hand, and of creation on the other. The evolutionary process (working through the archetypes of the seven planets) provides a means for each human-being to be promoted from the ranks of 'Average Humanity' and thus to become a 'Disciple'.

My understanding is that the energies of these twin processes flow in opposite directions through the planetary archetypes (as indicated by the red arrows in diagram one above). And that the 'evolutionary' process applies specifically to 'Average Humanity' while the 'creative' process applies to 'Disciples on the Path'. (Note: These two directional flows correspond with the ADNI and YHVH currents mentioned elsewhere on my web-site.)

The Path that Leads to Initiation

The direction of flow for 'Average Humanity' is from Saturn to the Sun like so...

1. Saturn
2. Jupiter
(Asteroid Belt)
3. Mars
4. Venus
5. Mercury
6. Moon
7. Sun

And this is translated to a numbering system that actually begins with the planet Mars...

7. Saturn
6. Jupiter
(Asteroid Belt)
1. Mars
2. Venus
3. Mercury
4. Moon
5. Sun

The reason we begin with Mars is because the energy of the spheres of Jupiter and Saturn have not become fully integrated into the consciousness of the group we call 'Average Humanity'. The energy of these two spheres (in the lives of 'Average Humanity') is still experienced predominantly as an externally conditioning influence. In other words, these planetary archetypes act upon the consciousness of Average Humanity mainly from an unconscious level.

The symbolic movement for Average Humanity through the planetary archetypes is towards the Sun. This is because the main goal of the group is the 'first initiation' - called 'the birth of Christ'.

The awakening of the 'solar' principle within the psyche of a human-being, such that its creative light begins to pour through, and be expressed by 'consciousness', is symbolic of 'the birth of Christ' (the Son of the divine Father) within consciousness.

The explanation of this evolutionary journey through the planetary archetypes is as follows...

7 - Saturn

The soul is impelled by spiritual forces to enter the sphere of Saturn from the zone of the 'outer planets' (i.e. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto). The soul is born into a pre-established system and naturally becomes limited by it. All human-beings when we arrive on Earth must initially conform to the physical, astral, and mental limitations of the collective consciousness. Saturn continues to be experienced as an unconscious and often quite oppressive influence in the lives of 'Average Humanity'.

6 - Jupiter

As we pass through the sphere of Jupiter we become indoctrinated with a belief system, an education, a particular 'world view', a political leaning, a religious view-point, a scientific perspective, etc. Jupiter also embodies our personal 'vision of the future' - a vision that is mainly determined by external collective influences. In other words, our way of thinking becomes shaped by the collective mind-set in which we are immersed. For 'Average Humanity' this aspect of consciousness rarely changes except in concert with general changes in public opinion.

These two spheres are such a powerful influence upon our evolving consciousness that it can take many lifetimes before we break free from their purely unconscious expression. Therefore, a psychological barrier (or 'ring pass not') naturally separates Jupiter-Saturn and the other 'inner' planets. In the physical solar system this barrier is symbolised by the 'asteroid belt' that exists between Mars and Jupiter.

1 - Mars

[Here is where the continuing and repeating evolutionary cycle technically begins for 'Average Humanity'. We continue to cycle through these remaining five planetary spheres until the Sun becomes ignited within us and we break free from the collectively conditioning forces of Jupiter and Saturn.]

During the long period before the 'first initiation', the will of the human ego functions within the constraints and conditions imposed by the spheres of Saturn-Jupiter (mentioned above). This phase of the process may involve the elimination of negative and destructive personal behavior patterns until eventually the ego submits to the needs of the collective. The personally limiting 'Saturn-Jupiter' conditions are collectively determined and become accepted by the ego as unquestionable, unchallengeable, and inviolable. The will becomes motivated to action by personal circumstances that exist within the limiting framework of Saturn-Jupiter.

Note: The nature of the psychological conditioning imposed by Saturn-Jupiter will depend upon the local environment in which the ego develops and the personal inclinations of the individual towards particular realms within that framework.

In the beginning it is good (for the evolving ego) to learn to accept and conform to the social parameters of Jupiter-Saturn, but ultimately certain aspects of the collective paradigm become inhibitive of the emerging individuality (i.e. of the Sun archetype) and restrictive of the creative will that is its expression.

2 - Venus

The desires of the human ego are stimulated within the constraints and conditions imposed by the spheres of Saturn-Jupiter. Desires are aroused by the attraction of the ego towards particular aspects of the Saturn-Jupiter collective reality structure. Here, the desires are based mainly on the personality's attraction to external phenomena.

As long as the collective paradigm dominates the consciousness of an individual, he/she will be drawn towards objects, people, and situations that reflect, and are supported by, that paradigm.

3 - Mercury

The thought-processes of the human ego function within the constraints and conditions imposed by the spheres of Saturn-Jupiter. Here, the mind is unable to move beyond the limited understanding of the collective consciousness (as symbolised by Saturn-Jupiter). It becomes trained to function in such a way that all it can do is manipulate the pre-existing thought-forms that the collective reality picture is built upon. In other words, the mind is taught what to think by externally sourced images and information (for example, from the media).

4 - Moon

The survival and sense of security of the human ego is dependent upon the conditions and constraints imposed by the spheres of Saturn-Jupiter. The ego becomes so attached to the collective reality structure that it's as if its life depends upon the continued stability and durability of that existing structure. As such, a lot of energy is directed towards maintaining a position of personal security within that structure. Once again, the personality's relationship with the external collectively modeled environment is the governing influence.

In 'Average Humanity' the Mars-Venus-Mercury triad works (above all else) to sustain, maintain, or improve the emotional and physical conditions represented by the Moon. As such, this completed quaternary is reflective of the YHVH formula - that is, where Mars-Venus-Mercury equates with YHV and the Moon adds the final H of YHVH.

5 - Sun

The self-expression of the human ego functions within the constraints and conditions imposed by the spheres of Saturn-Jupiter. Self-awareness increases as the ego struggles to express itself within the limiting confines of its position within the collective reality.

The 'Sun' marks the end of this 'pre-initiation' part of the process of the evolution of consciousness. It is through the Sun that the 'light' of the True Self (or soul) is made manifest. If, at this final stage, the personality remains unaware of, and unresponsive to, the soul's creative influence then Mars re-activates and the ego becomes motivated by a new impulse within the existing Saturn-Jupiter framework. A new Mars-Venus-Mercury-Moon quartenary (i.e. psychological complex) is formed which then dominates and controls the consciousness of the evolving ego.

When (after this Sun phase) 'Average Humanity' reaches the spheres of Jupiter and Saturn what is experienced is a growing awareness of the existing limitations of the collectivity in which the individual finds themselves. And consequently, during the new cycle from Mars to the Sun he/she will try to adapt and conform to these new limitations (i.e. as presented by Jupiter and Saturn). The concerted effort to conform to unsatisfying conditions awakens to consciousness a growing need to break free so that more of the individual's true inner nature can be expressed. But he/she will choose to remain within the existing limitations until a turning point (or crisis in consciousness) is reached during which time the flow of energy through the planetary spheres is reversed. At that time the individual enters the 'Path of Discipleship'.

1 - The Return to Mars

Mars begins this recurring inner cycle because once we have become enmeshed within the Saturn-Jupiter reality structure we must remain there until our consciousness has grown beyond certain collective influences that are represented by those two planets (i.e. Saturn and Jupiter). The particular 'collective influences' of which I speak are those that inhibit the expression of the unique individuality (or creative essence) that is represented by the Sun. So we continue to cycle through the five inner planets (held captive by the 'asteroid belt') and work gradually towards increasing the light and influence of the Sun (until a significant degree of illumination occurs at the first initiation).

Eventually we reach the point where we are able to truly 'create our own personal reality'. We begin to construct a new Saturn-Jupiter model of reality - one that is built upon the principles and influences of our own soul (rather than the commonly held beliefs, customs, and opinions of the masses).

Thus it is, that the planetary cycle for 'Average Humanity' begins (symbolically speaking) with Mars and ends with the Sun - because Jupiter-Saturn are relatively 'inactive' (as creative influences) within the average individual's personal consciousness.

Below (left) you will find the numbering system that reflects the evolutionary process described above. Note that it is also used to number the seven spokes of Jacob's Wheel.

7. Saturn
6. Jupiter
(Asteroid Belt)
1. Mars
2. Venus
3. Mercury
4. Moon
5. Sun
7. Saturn
6. Jupiter
(Asteroid Belt)
5. Mars
4. Venus
3. Mercury
2. Moon
1. Sun

Average Humanity........Disciples (on the Path)

In contrast, the numbering system (above right) reflects the creative process. As you can see, the flow is reversed - that is, from the Sun to Mars instead of from Mars to the Sun. We will see (in the following section) how this reversed movement of creative energy allows the spheres of Jupiter and Saturn to also become involved in the process of individual creation.

Diagram Two: Jacob's Wheel - Planetary Correspondences for Average Humanity

Part Three