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The Hexagonal Geometry
Of the Tree of Life

Author: Patrick Mulcahy
Subject: Kabbalah, Sacred Geometry
Details: 76 pages, 66 diagrams, 3mb.
Format: Adobe Acrobat E-book (PDF Document)
Release Date: 20th June, 2008
Updated: 17th November, 2010
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17th June, 2008. This book explores (using polyhex mathematics) the special relationship that exists between the kabbalistic Tree of Life diagram and the geometry of the simple hexagon. It reveals how the ten sefirot and the twenty-two pathways of the Tree of Life are each individually and uniquely linked to the hexagonal form. The Hebrew alphabet is also shown to be esoterically associated with the geometry of the hexagon. This book consists of 76 pages and 66 diagrams.

A Small Gallery of
Polyhex Tree of Life

A Polyhex Tree of Life Mandala
A Triple Diamond
A Polyhex Tree of Life Mandala
Kabbalistic Tree of Life
A Polyhex Tree of Life Mandala
A Triangular Mandala