The Evolutionary Law of Equilibration

There is operating within our world, a powerful evolutionary force that dominates most people's lives, both individually and at the collective level, but which is generally unknown. It's a fundamental principle that I refer to as the 'Law of Equilibration'.

Equilibration: "Stabilization by bringing into equilibrium."

As each human-being comes to acknowledge the existence of this natural law and understand its implications he will most likely endeavor to change the way that he thinks, and re-educate himself in order to avoid its more challenging manifestations. This law is a major cause of war and conflict in our world, but it only functions as a natural response to the dark thought-forms generated by human-beings, and its raison d'etre is wholly good.

The Lovers (Gemini)

The evolutionary force of the Law of Equilibration activates in response to the emotionally-charged polarization of the human mind. It works to rectify the imbalances that exists within any mind that's polarized to emotionally-charged extreme (i.e. unbalanced) view-points. In other words, this principle reacts to powerful thought-forms that condition the human mind with extreme perspectives.

A prejudiced (or racist) mind is a good example of the kind of mental state that triggers the Law of Equilibration. But any strongly held opinion or ideology (informed by either negative or positive emotional energy) can activate a response from this divine principle.

The astrological sign Gemini is an important conduit through which the Law of Equilibration functions. Consequently, the House location of Gemini in your birth-chart is (symbolically speaking) where you are most likely to have extreme views. And it is through that particular House that you will tend to experience most strongly the Law of Equilibration.

The basic operation of the Law of Equilibration can be explained using the geometry of a triangle.

The Law of Equilibration

The base of the triangle symbolizes the human emotional mind (i.e. 'kama manas'). This faculty dominates the lives of most human-beings and is associated with the 'personality' vehicle. The left-hand bottom corner of the triangle represents the human mind in a polarized state. The right-hand corner symbolizes the equal and opposite reaction from the subject's psycho-physical environment—triggered by the Law of Equilibration.

The apex of the triangle represents the human soul. It exists at a level of consciousness to which we are all aspiring and towards which we are all being goaded by the Law of Equilibration. It signifies the emotionally detached holistic understanding that results from the reconciliation of opposing ideas.

The principle that the Law of Equilibration is based on is quite simple. A mind that's strongly emotionally polarized towards one point of view lacks the knowledge needed to appreciate an opposing point of view, and therefore is unable to transcend its own subjectivity and achieve a higher understanding. The emotional energy that's infused within a thought-form is what holds the mind polarized and locked into an extreme perspective. This condition represents a form of psychological 'blindness' or 'tunnel vision' that drastically limits the mind and prevents the individual from achieving 'soul-consciousness'.

The metaphysical infrastructure of our world is divinely programmed to bring the mental body into balance by continually confronting a polarized mind with opposing ideas until the issue is resolved in consciousness—i.e. until the thought-form is no longer an obsession, and another link (another 'filament of divine Light') can be established between mind and soul. This process contributes to the building of the bridge of the Antahkarana (i.e. 'rainbow bridge') between the lower mental body and the human soul. [See Alice Bailey's teachings for more information on the Antahkarana.]

Here's a good example of how the Law of Equilibration can work its magic in our lives...

Anti-Semitic Hungarian far-right leader discovers he's Jewish

As a rising star in Hungary's far-right Jobbik Party, Csanad Szegedi was notorious for his incendiary comments about Jews. He accused them of "buying up" the country, railed about the "Jewishness" of the political elite and claimed Jews were desecrating national symbols.

Then came a revelation that knocked him off his perch as ultra-nationalist standard-bearer: Szegedi himself is Jewish...

...Under pressure, Szegedi resigned last month from all party positions and gave up his Jobbik membership.

That was not good enough for the party. Last week it asked him to give up his seat in the European Parliament as well....

...Szegedi met Rabbi Slomo Koves, of Hungary's Orthodox Chabad-Lubavitch community, whose own parents were in their teens when they discovered they were Jewish.

"As a rabbi ... it is my duty to receive every person who is in a situation of crisis and especially a Jew who has just now faced his heritage," Koves said.

During the meeting, Szegedi apologised for any statements that may have offended the Jewish community, and vowed to visit Auschwitz to pay his respects.

Koves described the conversation as "difficult and spiritually stressful", but said he hoped for a successful outcome.

"Csanad Szegedi is in the middle of a difficult process of reparation, self-knowledge, re-evaluation and learning, which according to our hopes and interests, should conclude in a positive manner," Koves said. "Whether this will occur or not is first and foremost up to him."

Full Story:

A very common example of the workings of the Law of Equilibration occurs in connection with familial relationships. Sometimes a child will end up hating one or both parents because of the unpleasant 'style of parenting' (or other behavior) that s/he experienced growing up in that household. The child's personal experience causes him/her to form an emotionally charged opinion about what it means to be a 'good' or 'bad' parent, and often s/he vows that, as an adult, he will never treat his own children the way he was treated.

A more specific example is the case of a father who ends up leaving the household, abandoning mother and child. Typically, the child would then formulate an emotionally very powerful thought-form that 'demonized' the father and (at the same time) idealized his own concept of what it means to be a 'good' father (i.e. one that never leaves his family no matter what). In his own mind he vows that after he grows up, he will never allow his own children to experience that kind of situation. However, because of the workings of the Law of Equilibration, the grown-up child eventually finds himself in a very similar situation to his own father, doing the same thing to his own children that his father did to him. The positive effect of this is to eventually reconcile the child's emotionally polarized mind with the opposite perspective. In other words, he is able to truly understand his father's personal feelings and motivation by playing the same role (as his father did) in similar circumstances. He is then able to forgive his father's previous behavior because he reaches a new level of understanding. He is unconsciously guided to do so by the mysterious workings of the Law of Equilibration.

But it is, of course, far better to consciously embark on a path of psychological healing that resolves our emotionally charged thought-forms through the willing intelligent pursuit of knowledge and understanding. But a lot of people are not prepared to go down that path, and therefore they become forcibly subjected to the esoteric workings of the Law of Equilibration. Unfortunately, this means that (in terms of the example above) negative psychological patterns are repeated through the generations until someone in the family takes steps to break the pattern by healing the imbalances in their psyche in a more conscious manner.

So-called 'positive' emotional energy can also be problematic when it polarizes the human-mind towards an extreme perspective. A good example is the religious fanatic who wishes to convert everybody to their faith. Their belief system makes them feel so emotionally 'positive' that they want everybody else to feel the same way they do by joining the flock. This will trigger the Law of Equilibration to draw the individual towards people who give a very negative response to their evangelizing. The aim is to help the individual to eventually understand that other people's belief systems are of equal value and validity (to them). And it's also critical that the individual is eventually able to dispel the emotional energy that holds their mind so strongly focused towards one point of view. In fact, it is the emotional attachment that we have to our ideas and beliefs that is the main target of the Law of Equilibration. This energy must be dispelled if we are to raise our consciousness from the lower mind (of the personality vehicle) to the higher understanding of the soul.

Human-beings, both individually and collectively, are drawn into conflict with themselves and with one another by the Law of Equilibration. The purpose of each conflict scenario is to urge both/all parties to eventually find resolution and transcend their emotionally polarized thinking. It may take many years and life-times to finally resolve a deep-seated issue, but the Law of Equilibration is relentless in driving oppositely polarized thought-forms and minds together.

Patrick Mulcahy
[23rd May, 2013]