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The Divine Measure
Of Time & Space

Author: Patrick Mulcahy
Subject: Sacred Geometry
Details: 89 pages, 35 diagrams, 2.5mb.
Format: Adobe Acrobat E-book (PDF Document)
Release Date: 14th October, 2010
Updated: 27th January, 2013
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13th October, 2010. The way we measure time and space reflects the limited perception of the rational mind. The rational mind is born out of the physical world and provides a natural (albeit limited) interface between human consciousness and the physical realm. This book seeks to stimulate a more esoteric understanding of time and space by examining the basic precepts upon which our standard measurement of the universe is based. The aim is to promote a more intuitive perception of the universe by highlighting the esoteric 1/7 and 4/Pi principles of existence.