Esoteric Books
By Patrick Mulcahy

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Sefer Yetzirah ☩ Magic
The Key to the Holy Temple

12th December, 2012. The Sefer Yetzirah ('Book of Formation') is the ancient source text from which the contemporary design of the kabbalistic Tree of Life diagram has evolved. The original 'Tree of Yetzirah' design however, is different in certain important respects to our modern day versions of the Tree diagram. Sefer Yetzirah ☩ Magic includes an exposition of the original design of the Tree and develops a system of magic (and 'initiation') that's based on the Sefer Yetzirah's original metaphysical blueprint.

The Divine Measure of Time & Space

13th October, 2010. The way we measure time and space reflects the limited perception of the rational mind. The rational mind is born out of the physical world and provides a natural (albeit limited) interface between human consciousness and the physical realm. This book seeks to stimulate a more esoteric understanding of time and space by examining the basic precepts upon which our standard measurement of the universe is based. The aim is to promote a more intuitive perception of the universe by highlighting the esoteric 1/7 and 4/Pi principles of existence.

Formation of the Tree of Life
[2010 Edition]

21st Jun, 2010. This 2010 edition is a major update of my original 2007 edition of the book. (See below.) It is greatly expanded with new chapters and appendices and is presented in an improved, larger book format.

The Cubic Stone Oracle

11th Oct, 2009. A Kabbalistic Tool For Meditation & Divination. The Cubic Stone Oracle is a metaphysical instrument for use in practical occult work and divination. Its design is based on primordial esoteric principles that also lie at the root of the Kabbalah and the Tarot. Its blueprint is herein revealed for the first time.

Esoteric Harmonics

29th May, 2009. [Updated: 22nd August, 2009] This book reveals how to recalibrate the musical octaves so that they synchronize perfectly with the underlying metaphysical structure of our universe. The resulting tones can then be employed in practical esoteric work, or in music composition. With this information musicians and practical occultists are now able (if they wish) to re-tune their instruments to the esoteric scale. Some sound files are included in this document.

Astrology & the Devas of the Planes

14th April, 2009. An Exploration of the Inner Workings of Astrology. This book describes the esoteric mechanism of astrology. It presents a thesis based on the Theosophical principles taught by Master Djwal Khul in his books by Alice Bailey. These ideas form the foundation for a complete philosophy of esoteric astrology.

The Metaphysical Significance of Pi

22nd July, 2008. This book uses the mathematical Pi constant to develop a blueprint for understanding the metaphysical nature of the universe and the human condition. It derives certain fundamental esoteric principles that are based on Pi, and that help explain the nature of consciousness and universal cycles. These Pi-based principles explain both the linear and non-linear characteristics of subjective experience and 'objective' manifestation. Using the symbolism of the basic structure of the Pi constant, it is shown that there exists a singularity (or Monad) located beyond space and time, but around which consciousness (focussed within space and time) revolves and evolves. This book consists of 77 pages and 26 diagrams.

The Hexagonal Geometry of the Tree of Life

17th June, 2008. This book explores (using polyhex mathematics) the special relationship that exists between the kabbalistic Tree of Life diagram and the geometry of the simple hexagon. It reveals how the ten sefirot and the twenty-two pathways of the Tree of Life are each individually and uniquely linked to the hexagonal form. The Hebrew alphabet is also shown to be esoterically associated with the geometry of the hexagon. This book consists of 35 pages and 38 diagrams.

Formation of the Tree of Life

8th November, 2007. Among other things, this book reveals the secret of how the kabbalistic Tree of Life diagram is systematically built in a series of steps from Ain Sof to Malkut. It shows how each step involves combining the twenty-two Hebrew letters in certain conformations to produce the ten sefirot and the twenty-two pathways. This knowledge is derived from the ancient books: Sefer Berashit, Sefer Yetzirah, and the Zohar (i.e. Sefer Dtzenioutha, Ha Idra Rabba Qadisha, and Ha Idra Zuta Qadisha). Formation of the Tree of Life consists of 180 pages, and contains 49 diagrams. [Expanded 2nd Edition now available.]

The YHVH Zodiacal Mandala

(Written many years ago.) This booklet demonstrates how the archetypal meanings of the twelve signs of the zodiac are based on the divine Name YHVH (יהוה). The Holy Name YHVH is thus seen to represent the absolute foundation of the universe, and of the meta-science of astrology.

The Book of Peh

(Written many years ago.) This booklet (Liber P) complements Aleister Crowley's Book of AL (i.e. Liber AL). It shows how the Hebrew letter Peh (פ) completes the formula AL (אל) and produces the final equation of existence: ALP (אלף).