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Intuitive Astrology
By Patrick Mulcahy

Phone: (Mob) 0420346982

In all my readings the advice I offer is aimed towards helping you to...

Mail Order Readings

All my readings are unique spontaneous live voice recordings. If you like I can record your reading privately and provide it to you as an MP3 audio download (i.e. four or five MP3 files of approx. 4mb each). Or, I can burn your reading onto an audio CD-ROM and mail it out to you.

My audio recordings run for 45 minutes of voice recording (unless otherwise stated).

Phone Readings

Phone consultations are available. These readings are also recorded live and provided to you (after the consultation) as an MP3 download or audio CD-ROM.

I also include with your audio files a pdf documents (with attached notes). This contains full colour images of your astrology charts and transit lists (with important transits highlighted).

Please note that a 'phone reading' will require that you call me (and therefore you will incur any associated phone charges for the duration of the call).

Note: All my readings are unique spontaneous live voice recordings. They are not 'generic'. They are not computer generated.


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Some Testimonials

Re: Reading follow-up
Thursday, April 28, 2011 4:14 PM
From: "L Stevens"
To: "Patrick Mulcahy"

"I don't know how often you get follow-ups from clients but I want you to know, I've had UNCANNY developments occur right along the key dates you provided in my reading! So much has come to fruition the way you had laid a foundation for events to unfold. I know some people don't know how to handle that type of foresight, but it enabled me to really keep things that could have been "crises" in perspective... and prepare for them. A couple of times events occurred and I didn't go back to your reading until after they happened, but the actual event could be traced back to the precise day you had indicated!

"Heidi has enjoyed the same kismet with her reading(s) results unfolding, so we both agree you are extremely talented at deciphering the astrological events as you interpret them. I want to thank you b/c yours was the first astrological reading I ever had (after many medium and psychic encounters)... And while I still have my favorites of those too, your reading has really helped prepare me for this year of major transition. If the rest of the year unfolds as we explored in the reading - I can't WAIT! Ups and downs both - they are completely serving me and your reading helps keep it all in perspective and I can plan for shifts."

Lori Stevens
[Private email. Used with permission.]

Thanks for such a great reading!
Click here to read Peter's full testimonial.

From: Peter.
Saturday, Sep. 11, 2010

Subject: the last astrology reading you did for me
Sunday, May 30, 2010 3:08 PM
From: "Caroline M."
To: "Patrick Mulcahy"

Hi Patrick,

I just want to tell you that the last astrology reading you did for me (15th December 2009) was and still is incredibly powerful. Time and again I go back to it, and I am amazed how in the course of time things are beginning to make more and more sense. I am heeding all your warnings, but also taking comfort from the blessings that are in store or that are already influencing my life. As I am moving through the cycles and the transits that you explained, they are becoming clearer to me. Your reading is supporting me in a very difficult and confusing time, thank you!

[Private email. Used with permission.]

"The very best gift you can give yourself, or someone else, is a reading from Patrick. Drawing on his enormous depth and breadth of knowledge and experience in the astrological field, Patrick's readings are carried out with compassion and generosity. I highly trust and value what Patrick has illuminated for me, especially regarding my purpose and how to usefully advance in life."

Dr Anne Wyatt
Beyond Bullying

"I have been practicing astrology for 30 years and have had many professional astrologers do a reading for me over the years, but of all of them, I find Patrick's readings to be the most helpful. He has a great mix of the spiritual and mundane. I recommend him to all my coaching clients and I highly recommend him to you."

Paula Martin
Life Coaching

Please Note: My professional Astrology and Tarot Service is local to the following regions of N.S.W., Australia: The Mid-North Coast, Coffs Harbour, Bellingen, Urunga, Nambucca Heads, Sawtell, Boambee, Bonville, Macksville, Coramba, Korora, Woolgoolga, Bowraville, Grafton, etc. Phone consultations (and private recordings by mail order) are available for clients in remote locations. Phone: (Mob) 0420346982