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IMS Java and PL/I for IMS Education available in Europe From: (Denis Gaebler), 26 Apr 2004 06:12:29 -0700 IMS Society ( in cooperation with the IMS Lab in SVL offers new IMS courses. IMS Java for Java Programmers (includes programming IMS Java with Eclipse) IMS Java for COBOL Programmers will be available soon. COBOL and PL/I Courses are available upon request. Please feel free to contact us. Email:


New course announcement From: (S Comstock), AOL Date: 04 Aug 2004 19:39:06 GMT At the request of a client, we have developed a new, one-day course that serves a lot of needs in many shops right now: * Many shops have fallen behind the technology curve, deferrng spending because of the economy * Even shops that have managed to remain current in their data center have not spent much on training their people on how to use new / enhanced products * At the same time, there has been enormous change in the IBM mainframe world, and the complexity can be overwhelming * In September, IBM ends support for OS/390; to be on a supported system, you must be running z/OS * Many shops have found that moving off the mainframe is not as easy (nor as cost effective) as they predicted * Many mainframe-savy workers are nearing retirement, and few of the younger staff are even aware of the mainframe and what it brings to the table Announcing: Introduction to z/OS. This one day course can help your staff by: * providing experienced MVS, OS/390 technical people with a quick overview of changes over the last several years * providing an introduction to IBM mainframe hardware and software for technical people with no MVS or OS/390 background (e.g.: UNIX, Windows, Linux, and similar backgrounds) * providing a picture of how it all fits together today; this can even help determine development directions for departments or even the whole organization, influencing training choices for the coming year[s] Course details at: Note: since this is a lecture / discussion only class (no labs) we allow up to 30 students in a class for our usual price (normally we max out at 16 students in a class). [By the way, if you want some material more for management, check out our free set of Very Short Presentations at the first four might be of interest.] Kind regards, -Steve Comstock The Trainer's Friend, Inc.


Developing Applications for z/OS UNIX From: (S Comstock), AOL 14 Jun 2004 21:26:45 GMT Developing Applications for z/OS UNIX - 3 days Focuses on writing programs in COBOL, PL/I, C, and Assembler that are intended to access HFS files, interact with the user at a z/OS UNIX session, and work with environment variables and parameters. Includes using c89, cob2, and pli commands for compiles, assemblies, and binds. Includes calling BPX1 services and C functions from programs written in all four languages. Includes an extensive introduction to "make". Details on our website at: ----------- So a summary of our z/OS UNIX curriculum so far: Introduction to z/OS UNIX - 3 days * basic concepts and commands * Accessing z/OS files from UNIX commands * Accessing HFS files from batch and TSO * TSO commands for z/OS UNIX * Building and maintaining a small web site on your mainframe * telnet session Shell Script Programming in z/OS UNIX - 3 days * sessions and processes * Regular expressions * find, grep, and more * ed and sed editors (optional intro to vi) * shell scripts * using sed to create HTML from a flat file * BPXBATCH Developing Applications for z/OS UNIX - 3 days * Programming interfaces in C, COBOL, PL/I, Assembler * compiles / assemblies and binds * Programmatic file access * Programmatic user interactions * Callable UNIX services (kernel services) * make and makefiles ----------- It's taken me almost four years to develop just three courses (total of nine days of training) for our z/OS UNIX curriculum. As many of you have seen, I have taken wrong paths, found some bugs, found some doc errors. But I have learned and put together a solid set of courses that include practical, working examples of commands, scripts, and programs. If your applications folks need to start developing z/OS UNIX apps, or need to start learning about z/OS UNIX, taking the nine days of training can keep them from having to take the long route (probably not four years, because I've been doing other things, too, but a lot of time). The objective of all our courses is to jump start application programmer productivity in any area we write for. If it's appropriate for your shop, I would greatly appreciate your passing on our information to your applications managers or training folks. Thanks for patience and forebearance for this little plea. ------------------------------------- Kind regards, -Steve Comstock 800-993-9716 303-393-8716 email: 256-B S. Monaco Parkway Denver, CO 80224 USA ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Steve Comstock also runs PL/I courses. Contact the above for details.



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