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RR Custom PCB's


We offer "improvements" to some radios such as.

* Blue (or any a colour) clock for Pearce Simpson Super Bengal MKIII (PC-541AA / PC-541AB) and President Madison homebase station CB's..

RR CLK V1.1 Clock Display 17-03-18


* Hi-Cut filter.
* Custom broadband VCO's
* 5 kHz step mod for many classic chassis.
* Custom colours for CB channel display and indicator LEDS.

* Fan mod for the Kenwood TS-430, TS-440 and many others.
* Wider clarifier swing with optional install of 10 turn clarifier pot.
* Transmit audio modulation effects such as echo and roger beeps
* TX Slide (so that you are able to tune the transmission signal to match that of the receiving clarifier).
* IC-10 Kit installs for either Kenwood TS-440 or R-5000 to allow control via rear ACC to PC with relative software or remote control kit.
* Mic preamp designed by . Talk power booster with an internally mounted compressor, equalizer to raise the average modulation.
* Noise blanker and receive audio improvement kit, which boosts the level of audio while with improved component selection to keep noise level to a minimum.
* FET upgrades to CB's, (Cybernet, GE "A"/"B", Electrophone CB-550, Tedelex TE's, Apollo's, etc… PLL02a), (President Adams, Ferris SSB-5000, Teaberry Stalkers, etc… uPD858), (Uniden Washington, Grant, Cobra 148 GTL, etc… MB8179), (Uniden AX-144, PC-122, Pro series, Pearce Simpson Super Cheetah, etc… uPD2824) and others with similar chassis designs.
* Receive noise canceling by BHI, DSP NEDSP1061-KBD, NEDSP1061-PCB / similar internal module (such as DSP Audio Processor from ) installs for any receiver, CB or amateur transceiver.

RR HF VFO V1.0 (PCB) - 10-06-19


RR HF VFO V1.0 (2 way demo with Kerry 440 Nth QLD) - 27-05-19


RR HF VFO V1.0 (Pre Release Setup Demo) - 26-05-19


Razor Rotary Part #4 menu progress - 10-10-17


RR 824-106 PLL adapter board

Replaces the existing uPD2824 PLL with the much more superior MC145106.
Instead of the previous 40 n-codes / channel limit, the MC145106 supports 2^9 - 1 = 511 n-codes / channels with 1/2 step, meaning 5 / 10kHz steps on HF CB sets.

Youtube demo of V1.0 here

# NOTE - Some of the radio chassis that have the uPD2824 PLL in them:

Cobra 146GTL - PC-833
Craig L132 - PC-581
Craig L232 - PC-581
Dick Smith Hornet II - PC-965
Midland 6001_79-012 - PC-833
Midland 7000
Midland 79-260
Pearce Simpson Super Cheetah - PC-965
Realistic TRC-451 - PC-956
Realistic TRC-453 - PB-062
Realistic TRC-465 - PB-122
President AR-144 - PC-833
President P300
Sears 663.3810
Uniden AX-144 - PC-833
Uniden PC-122 - PB-062
Uniden PC-244
Uniden Pro-640e - PB-105
Uniden Pro-810e - PB-062
Wards GEN-719A

+ more ...


RR 719-106 PLL adapter board

Replaces the existing MB8719 / MB8734 PLL with the much more superior MC145106.
Instead of the previous 2^7 = 128 n-codes / channels & only 10kHz stepping limits, the MC145106 supports 2^9 - 1 = 511 n-codes / channels with 1/2 step, meaning 5 / 10kHz steps on HF CB sets.

Youtube demo of V1.4 here

# NOTE - Some of the radio chassis the RR 719->106 PLL transplant board can be installed in:

Cobra 140GTL - PC-385
Cobra 142-GTL - PC-396
Cobra 148-GTL - PC-412
Cobra 2000GTL - PC-497
Galaxy DX949 - EPT069611A
Galaxy DX979 - EPT092913Z
Pearce Simpson Super Bengal MKIII - PC-411
President Madison - PC-411
Teaberry Stalker 9DX & FDX - PC-893
Teaberry Stalker IX - PC-385
Teaberry Stalker XX - PC-385
Texas Ranger TR-966 - EPT069610Z
Uniden Grant - PC-409
Uniden Grant XL - PB-208
Uniden Washington - PC-385

+ more ...

Some nice feedback from Mac @ for the RR 719-106 PLL transplant board to match up with his Digimax Lite kits!

Digimax Lite Upgrade Photo Catalogue



Uniden AX-144 + Digimax Lite V2.5 + RR 824-106 V1.0 (2 Way with 886 JB in NZ!) - 13-12-18


Pearce Simpson Super Bengal MKIII RR 719->106+Digimax+BHI DSP+RR CLK (Two way demo with Tony) - 10-07-18


Uniden Washington Digimax+BHI (Two way demo with Dan 140) - 01-08-17


Uniden Grant Mic Preamp & BHI DSP (KiwiSDR @ 0:30 + RX @ 2:07 demo)! - 09-12-16


Tedelex TE-7000 Restoration & Digimax Lite (Demo with Darren & Graham 392) - 24-03-16

Digimax Lite V2 Assembly * 25 Speed - 02-12-15


* Channel expansion mods explained below...

These all are purely for educational purposes. Operation of an amateur radio requires the user to own a license. More information on licensing please visit here.

Highly recommended
* Digimax Lite by

Other expansions available
* LesComm by
* REDCO Digi-scan UFO installs with full radio chassis broad banding and alignment
* 11m CB to 20m, 40m & 80m conversions coming
* VFO upgrade to replace old channel stepping

Digimax Lite: upgrades promote extra listening frequencies, scan and custom home channel features. Be warned not to transmit out of band and only use the extra available frequencies for listening purposes only, unless you are licensed to do so. Any illegal use is you the users responsibility and we will hold no responsibility for your actions.

All on air tests with these radios have been performed using only the approved 1 – 40 standard channel arrangement and with in the legal power limits, other tests have been conducted into a dummy load.

All Digimax Lite kits work great with any of the following below and many more.
President P400, Uniden (Grant, Grant XL, Washington), etc...
These sets use a selection of the following PLL's: MB8719 and RCI8917.

Especially with the new RR 719->106 PLL transplant board that replaces the MB8719 / MB8734 PLL with the much more superior MC145106 PLL.

# NOTE - Some of the radio chassis the RR 719->106 PLL transplant board can be installed in: (Cobra 140GTL - PC-385, Cobra 142-GTL - PC-396, Cobra 148-GTL - PC-412, Cobra 2000GTL - PC-497, Pearce Simpson Super Bengal MKIII - PC-411, President Madison - PC-411, Teaberry Stalker 9DX & FDX - PC-893, Teaberry Stalker IX - PC-385, Teaberry Stalker XX - PC-385, Uniden Grant - PC-409, Uniden Grant XL - PB-208, Uniden Washington - PC-385 + more...).

Connex (3300, 3500), Galaxy DX-77HML, President Jackson, Super Star (SS3000, SS3300, SS3500), Ranger RCI-2980, various multi band U.S. and Export models, etc...
These sets commonly use the MC145106 PLL. (Also used in UHF CB models Pearce Simpson Leopard MK2, Electrophone TX-470S and possibly few others as well).

Ferris SSB-5000, Palomar SSB500, President (Adams, Old Grant, Old Washington), Realistic (TRC-449, TRC-452, TRC-457, TRC-458), Teaberry (Stalker 101, Stalker 102, Stalker 202, T-Bear, T-Command, T-Dispatch, Titan-T), etc...
These sets use the uPD858 PLL.

American Electronics, Apollo (AP-701, AP-708 Deluxe), Dicksmith (Hornet, Scorpion), Electrophone CB550, General Electric A3-5825A/B, Karinna KSB18, Signet, etc...
These Cybernet sets use the PLL02a PLL.

NOTE: MC145109 is a great replacement for the old PLL02a. This replacement PLL allows true 5kHz stepping using the channel selector with out having to depend on extra clarifier swing.

There are too many other radios to list here but aim for the correct type chassis with the compatible type PLL.

LesComm: upgrades promote extra listening frequencies, scan and custom home channel features. Same rules & regulations apply as above...

These kits do cover uPD2824 PLL's! As well as uPD858 & MB8719 PLL's.

So finally radios such as the Cobra 146GTL, Craig L132, L232, Midland 6001, 7000, 79-260, Pearce Simpson Super Cheetah, President P300, AR-144, Realistic TRC451, 453, 465, Uniden PC122, PC244, AX144, Pro640e, Pro810e, Wards GEN-719A, Sears 663.3810 etc... can be upgraded to expanded frequencies!

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