(August 2012) My son Jack commenced guitar lessons with Ray 18 months ago at the age of 8 and he continues to list his weekly guitar lesson as the highlight of his school week. Ray has introduced a love of music to Jack in a positive, age appropriate and highly engaging manner. Ray has the gift of being able to determine and utilise the individual child's areas of interest in order to teach them music, and as such the child thrives in their learning. It is my belief that it is this ability that makes Ray a truly gifted teacher who instills a pride and love of learning in his students. On a practical level, Ray maintains open communication with his students' parents, both in regards to day to day administrative issues concerning their lessons and also in providing parents with meaningful feedback about their child's progress. I have recommended Ray to a number of my friends, all of whom are equally as positive as I am with regards to their children's music lessons. I highly recommend Ray as a music teacher and consider my child very lucky to have such a gifted, caring and professional teacher.
Louisa Barrow


Click to go to Scott Oberle's youtube page (July 2012) Being taught by Ray is something I really look forward to every week. Guitar lessons with him are the best, and not just because of learning and enjoyment, but also because Ray is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Ray can teach you anything you need to know about guitar, in theory and prac. I enjoy his lessons very much and wish I had more time with him.
Thanks, Scott Oberle


Click to go to Michael Varlet's band facebook pageClick to go to Michael Varlet's band youtube pageClick to go to Michael Varlet's myspace page (June 2012) Hi. My name is Michael Varlet of Before Nightfall, (a melodic death metal band from Brisbane). I am now 20 and Ray was my guitar teacher for a few years in high school. When I first went to Ray I had no clue about theory, technique, feel or improvisation.
Everything I was taught by Ray was taught in a calm, relaxed, knowledgeable and patient manner, which constantly exceeded my expectation! He also get me my first steady gig performing at a church in front of anywhere from 100 to 1,000 people, where I learnt many things from Ray about performance, tone, reading music, reading chords, improvisation and feel.
In Before Nightfall, I am now writing and performing my own original music to sell out audiences, along with headlining our own shows throughout Brisbane and, by the end of the year, the east coast of Australia. We have sold out our debut album "Smiling at your Sorrow" orders twice and have an energetic, precise live show. The film clip for out flagship song "Beneath The smile" (directed by Steve Caldwell {bad behaviour}) will be released online and on Rage (music video TV show) in approximately 5-10 weeks.
Both Doug Mabbutt (other guitarist of Before Nightfall) and I are also now official Australian Jackson Endorsees, a dream come true for both of us.
All in all, Ray is still my favourite guitarist, teacher and all around the nicest and smartest musician I have ever personally met.


(June 2012) Learning guitar with Ray is really really easy. He has great knowledge and can explain the complex things on levels that I could understand. He has a lot of patience and a great feel for music. He will give you the answer to anything you want to know. But the biggest advantage is that he is left handed so its like playing into a mirror =)
Michael Downes


Click to go to Patrick Gilmour's facebook pageClick to go to Patrick Gilmour's myspace page (June 2012) My name is Patrick. I began my guitar playing back in my senior years of high school. During that time I had the good fortune of learning from Ray Kostiainen.
Ray made learning guitar a fun and remarkable experience. His positive and supportive personality, his incredible teaching method, in-depth knowledge/diversity and playing range of the instrument helped me to no end becoming the guitarist I am today.
I myself have now become a guitar teacher and I owe a lot of that to Ray.
I hope as I progress as a music tutor, I will be able to teach just like he does.
Thank you Ray!! Patrick Gilmour, Alternative Tones Guitar Tuition and former student of Ray Kostiainen.


(June 2012) Both my boys Harry and Jack have had guitar lessons with Ray and found him to be a really cool patient and fun teacher and real easy to learn from.
Highly recommended.
Linda Allen


(June 2012) Ray taught me guitar for roughly 2 years at the end of high school. He showed tremendous confidence in all of his students and always helped them to excel in their chosen instrument. Always had methodical and planned approaches to teaching music, Ray would not only teach you how to play the songs you love, but teach you how to read the music and be creative to write your own.
Matthew Cummings

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Ray Kostiainen Guitar & Bass Lessons (Sunshine Coast)

Pro Guitar & Bass Lessons For All Ages, Levels & Styles

Ray has 20 years of teaching experience. He has taught privately, in colleges and in music stores. He also has extensive recording and performance experience.

All ages, levels & styles.

$25 per half hour, discounts for up front payment toward 4 week blocks.

Skype lessons also available! Paypal payments accepted.

Things you might like to learn…

acoustic, electric & bass guitar, your favourite songs/solos/riffs in any style you like, such as (country, easy listening, jazz, punk, grunge, rock, metal, pop, funk, Latin, r’n’b, blues, to progressive technical styles).

For those that want to dig a little deeper and would like to study more specific topics such as …

- soloing (shredding, tapping, arpeggio sweeping & alternate picking techniques),
- improvisation (practical application of scales & theory),
- bass finger & slap playing,
- ear training (relative pitch) & playing songs by ear,
- advanced rhythm concepts (syncopation, linear arranged grooves, analysing complex rhythms, accenting, sub divisions, rhythm times tables & layered rhythms),
- theory (modes, scales, pentatonic scales, arpeggios, intervals, triads & inverted chordal approaches),
- music reading and writing skills,
- technique (reliving isometric tension),
- creativity (song writing, composing & arranging).

Blue card owner.

Ray Kostiainen
(m) 0411 27 8484



Instrumental Prog/Math Fusion CD release 2013. Ray Kostiainen "BOW"

Purchase Bow CD tracks or album via iTunes!
2013 Ray Kostiainen

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