Guitar, Bass, Keyboard & Drum Session Musicians

Hi if you need any guitar (electric / acoustic), bass, keyboard or drums tracks recorded please feel free to call or email us.

We all work for a range of artists and studios and are flexible to suit your needs.

If you would like a quote, we accept demo CD's via post or alternatively you could email an mp3 / link so we can hear any recordings you may want us to preview. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.

All of our session musicians cover any style from country, easy listening, jazz, punk, grunge, rock, metal, pop, funk, Latin, r'n'b, blues, to progressive technical music.

We have great HD gear to get you a professional product.

To give you an idea of rates, we typically charge $30 per an hour / $200 per day for all drum kit, guitar, bass & keyboard tracks. We can work out a package deal for you if you have more tracks to be completed.

We track all guitar, bass & drum kit parts at ROK-MUSIC studios and then post them to you on CD / DVD or alternatively email them as high quality raw audio files at any bit rate / depth you require.


Instrumental Prog/Math Fusion CD just released 2013! Ray Kostiainen "BOW"


Purchase Bow CD tracks or album via iTunes!
2013 Ray Kostiainen



Open Arms Project "Acoustic Sessions 2012l"

Here are some acoustic style songs for you to hear, they were recorded just recently in May/June 2012.


Credits: Written, lead vocals, arranged, acoustic guitar by Chris Foenander.
Bass guitar and backup vocals (left) by Steve Thomas.
Recording, produced, mastered, backing vocals and acoustic guitar & any solos (right) by Ray Kostiainen.
Copyright Chris Foenander 2009 &


Live Recording at DunamisLife Tanah Merah 8th July 2012

This is a raw recording of Dunamis Youth Band, (no over dubs) and just plain editing, de-airing, eq, compression and stereo placement... Do you need a live recording?

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