Our Favorite Guru Stories

  A Collection Of True Stories About Gurus and other Religious Types Who Abuse Power

These are personal accounts from former devotees who found out the hard way that their guru was not the person they assumed him to be.

Sai Baba Accounts directly from former disciples regarding sexual and other forms of abuse by this internationally renowned guru.
Sri Chinmoy Forced sexual practices exposed by the victims as well as psychological intimidation; lies and coverups of a supposedly celibate and pure master.

Swami Muktananda

The secret life of a guru who didn't practice what he preached, but used his unquestioned authority to exploit desired females. 
Swami Chetanananda American guru accused of sexual, psychological and financial abuses by former followers, in five-part article. 
Guru Maharaji Covering up and protecting a known pedophile high up in the organization.
The Little Pebble Self-proclaimed prophet instructed by the Virgin Mary to commit adultery.

The following account we cannot verify as actually having occurred, but sounds chillingly plausible.

The Convent Dungeon

Amazing story of the secret life inside a very harsh convent, from a woman who managed to escape.

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Some advice from the Dalai Lama regarding spiritual teachers who abuse their power, from kashiashram.com.

We hope you find these stories enlightening.