Western Victoria, Australia
Vegetable Planting Guide
A Guide to When Vegetables Can Be Planted Throughout the Year in the Western District of Victoria

  • The Western District is in the southeast part of Australia, to the west of the city of Melbourne. It is bordered by the ocean to the south and the state of South Australia to the west. The climate is increasingly hot and drier as one proceeds northward from the sea. Generally the major climates of the region are:
    --Coastal, in the regions bordering or closer to the ocean.
    --Inland, the areas away from constant ocean influence.
    In addition, the inland areas have areas of higher elevations which are colder in winter than the rest of the region.

    The areas closer to the coast are considered the better for growing vegetables. Milder year-round temperatures, more rain and humidity favor most types of vegetables. Inland areas are more likely to be affected by frost in winter and excessive temperatures and dryness in summer.

    Consult this guide for the optimal times to plant seeds or seedlings of your favourite garden vegetable.