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~tanka erotica ~

[The history of tanka indicates that the poem was used as communication between lovers. Indeed, if a man spent the night with a lady it was an obligation to deliver a love poem within hours of leave-taking. Now read on.]

in half sleep
an involuntary orgasm
more gentle
as you have been
since your stroke

i know they're out there
those mammoths of the deep
but only when they breach
am i reminded
of our young lovemaking ways

remembering you
pushing the dark warmth inside
outside a fearful roar
rolls the branches of trees
towards an electric flash

my eyes beg
for the touch of your hand
which remains idly
stroking the lightly tanned skin
of your own beautiful body

don't understand
why this talk of past lovers
we always end up
arguing all the way
to the bedroom


from the mountain
night comes more quickly
to the valley
a naked man rides bareback
through the dark pass

the slipping sun
shades evening bird sounds
cool air reaches out
from the timber line -- as rider
and horse move in unison

the evening breeze
a stream of passion flowing
morning light reveals
the horse has become lame
and the mountain pass is closed

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