Part One

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Part Two

~ tanka ~

before dawn

from beneath bird wings

the first chirp

beside me

the bed cold


falling asleep

in the chair the midnight

cold seeping

through the eyes

of dreaming



lightning every time

i wake

the reaching out

from dreaming


incoming tide

ripples the width of river

i remember the touch

of your hand gentle

on the nape of my neck


the storm over

a sharp new moon

pierces black sky

the scent of your breath

clings to my pillow


hypnotic lapping

of a flat surf lulls me

into believing

the sea's depth is harmless

as once your love also was


purple droppings

under the mulberry tree

damp in morning dew

my hand on your back

suddenly hot


dipping towards

pond's surface reflection

welcome swallow

flits away as i from

my own mirrored image


your silent anger

festering in summer heat

flattens my joyous spirits

as it does the ears

of our cautious cat


lingering on

jetty's ancient woodplanks

sun-warmed memories

timber smooth

where my father fished


at dawn potted plants

bend towards each other

i would lean

into your light if only

you would make the offer


the sharp look

in your eyes —


sunlight on windows

catches my breath


unknown to her

outside the closed door

i timidly stand

listening to flute notes

borne on her gentle breath


the secret's out

magicians use rabbits

because they freeze

in fright as do i holding

your steady brown gaze


simplest of pleasures

coming home to warm earth

when i no longer feel

the sun's caress above

it will filter through below

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