Janice Bostok &
Joy Hutton

uphill -- distant
fire break

smoke from camp
rises blue against the trees

her eyes heavy
under the mosquito

crows feet swollen
from too many tears

Easter's king tide --
moonlight sweeping
rock pools

seaweed and yellow leaves
caught up in drift wood

almost bare
branches etch themselves
on the sky

their limbs entwined
under satin bedsheets

painted red nails
shoulder blades

appetites return
'what's for lunch?'

midday movie
finger food
with wine

evening light
traffic sounds ease

amber lamps glow
through fog
and gloom

ghostly figure
on the woodplank bridge

across the river
faint noise
of timber cutting

some senses keener

the first jonquil
gives pleasure
to the nostrils

the cat chews
on fresh grass shoots

in the yard
shadows sharper
the sun warmer

mothballs for
discarded blankets

the grandchild asked
for arctic mints

pleasant memories

languid in heat
the lights dimmed
to count stars

humid conditions
bring midges

his touch soothes
insect bites -- and
first date nerves

calm kisses
stir desire

electric fan
barely moves the air
they share

power off
the fridge not working

opened door
autumn night brings
colder light

after sunset
wind turns icy

foliage falls
during the dark hours
colouring pathways

chalked hopscotch
squares erased

strong statement
in framed
charcoal & ink drawing

graffiti sprouts
beside the train track

at station garden
flowers beginning
to bloom

another millennium
begun so easily

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