Catherine Mair,
Cyril Childs,
Janice Bostok
Ernest Berry
in that order

above the firecrackers -- starlings -- horizontally

a cautioning 'quack' the sentry

returning to it the paradise duck's charge

cash registers ringing down the high street

shut up! he admonishes --the garden figure's hands

wallflowers -- a darker red now the sun's gone down

from behind the mountain edging of gold

a dog peeks briefly -- and disappears

across my vision -- sandflies -- the welts on my legs

my reading glasses going the rounds

sightseeing -- clear all the way up 'The Snout'

cool night wind -- someone sniffles

still the colour on his tail feathers -- red wine

downing my white -- smell of the roast

'lamb is vegetarian' he says 'they eat grass'

anniversary weekend -- the heron's nest empty

above the estuary the yellow broom

cherry blossoms filling the screen

arms sweeping wide he reads haiku

old ponds -- frogs -- coming to mind

all winding down -- feet crossed at the ankles

US stocks rally -- final check on TELETEXT

which world money do I change for home

talking of calmness the tv goes blank

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