Jean Jorgensen &
Janice Bostok

[A Traditional Summer Kasen Renga]

naked kids
stretching out on a raft
secluded pond

a red beach ball
parting the reeds

gone for years
how everything in my old home
seems to have shrunk

from ten stories up
clouds close enough to touch

large yellow moon
man in a barley field
still harvesting

out from a warm bed
to let the cat in

evening mist
swirls up through gaps
in the wood-plank bridge

elderly couple
rock on the porch swing

two butterflies
sway awhile on a leaf
his hand over hers

a taste of wild mint
from his lips to hers

morning light
a young woman alone
at the bus stop

'dream catcher' mobile*
turns above the sleeping child

full moon
reflects off the mirror's
hard surface

wisps of snow drift
across the barren tundra

unused bassinette
in the blanket's fold
a dead mouse

mountain goats
from cliff edge to cliff edge

petunia flowers
cascade over
the hotel balcony

Old Faithful** gushes high
warms today's cool May breeze

rake set aside
in his hand . . . papery sheaths
of new spruce buds

the vased arrangement
shadow softens her face

methane explosion
everything in the house
shifts and cracks

grandmother's blue china plate
chipped after all these years

abandoned log barn
open to the sky
a distant rainbow

squinting toddler
looks towards the kite

in the library
a smiling Buddha
covered in dust

whispered closeness
his breath tickles her neck

on a grassy knoll
wild baboons cradle and groom
each other

he flicks the remote control

first frost
glitter of stars
on a moonless night

circles of coloured leaves
sink into the wet ground

dark night
the electric blanket
on high

large turquoise stone
amidst the junk

photo of great aunt
could be of me
in period costume

snow almost gone
the first robins arrive

in pink glow
new day lilies

Easter Sunday
harmony of the choir

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* American Indian Legend
** Geyser in Yellowstone Park, USA