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For those of you who didn't come through the front door,
may I introduce my heron friend:

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I hope you are enjoying my haiku world, my home.  Continue to browse, share the writings I offer, enjoy some thoughtful conversation, perhaps.  Refresh the body and mind -- and when it's time to leave, promise you'll come back and visit with me another day.

And now for some miscellany & domesticity:

Contact & Conversation

I welcome contact with friends and anyone else who shares my love of haiku and related genres.

I am pleased to discuss my poetics with anyone who finds them of interest.

If you have any thoughts on how to improve the design and content of this site, then please let me know.

I am available to conduct coaching via email.



All work on this site is under copyright to Janice M. Bostok and may not be reproduced without her express permission.

To seek such permission,

email Janice at janbos@dodo.com.au

The Katikati Pathway

I'm pleased to have been involved with, and to have my haiku displayed on, The Katikati Haiku Pathway in New Zealand. Follow the frog to learn about this fascinating project.

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