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2018 Aces United Club Guidelines (By-laws)
(Updated: 4 February 2018)

Here are the guidelines for all players playing for Aces United to follow to ensure players discipline and smooth operation of the club. These guidelines apply to all players of the club in the 2018 season, especially for the players who are playing in the official competitions, such as Metro League and Premier Volleyball League (PVL).


  1. $20 refundable deposit is payable at the start of the season for easy deduction of penalties during the season. The remaining amount will be carried forward to next season and need to be topped up again. If the deposit drops below $5 during the season, it will need to be topped up immediately. It will be refunded when the player leaves the club permanently.
  2. Other rewards/bonus will be available to players who are committed to the club or the sport (eg. top 3 training attendance, top 10 ranked players etc).
  3. If any players are having financial difficulties which would stop them playing, they should apply for special discount or exemptions. The rest of the team will cover the cost after approval from the club committee.
  4. All players should respect each other, especially other people's privacy. If any of your actions affect the performance of the team/club, you may be banned to the club activities, such as trainings and games. If the matter is serious, you may be asked to leave the club. This rule applies to all players.


  1. If you are confirmed for training and you become unavailable, you need to notify the coach before the training starts (ie. 2pm on Sunday). If you fail to do so, $5 training fee will be deducted from your training account automatically.
  2. If you will be late for the training, you need to notify the coach before the start time. Special consideration will be given for situations like bad weather or traffics. Otherwise, $2 penalty will be deducted from your training balance. Please let me know if you can't arrive on time regularly due to other commitments so that this won't apply to you (ie. work and long distance driving).
  3. Top 3 male and female players who attended the most training sessions in a season will get $10 off their playing fees of the next Metro League/PVL Season, plus 10 players ranking points. These players will remain as official players for next season even if they are not playing any competitions.
  4. Training discount: Pay 6 ($30) upfront and get one free (worth $5) for official or junior players, or pay 5 ($40) get one free (worth $8) for regular players, or pay 5 ($50) get one free (worth $10) for casual players.


  1. If you can't attend the game and you are on the weekly players list, you need to notify the captain before 3pm on Monday for Metro League, or 3pm on Saturday for PVL. Otherwise, $5 fines will apply if we lose that game or $10 fines if we forfeit that game.
  2. Always arrive at least 15 minutes (30 minutes for PVL) before the game start time. If you will be late, you need to notify the captain before the official warm up starts. Otherwise, $2 penalty will apply; $5 penalty will apply if you arrive after the game starts. $15 penalty will apply if the player caused the team to forfeit the game, plus extra fines by VQ (PVL only), ie. $22 per set, $88 per game.
  3. If you don't turn up for the game without notification, $15 penalty will apply.
  4. Notifications should be sent straight to the captain.


  1. If we have duty before the game, always arrive at least 5 minutes (15 minutes for PVL) before the duty starting time. If you will be late, you need to notify the captain 15 minutes before the duty starts, or $2 penalty will apply. There will be additional fines by VQ if we don't have enough players for the duty at coin toss for PVL.
  2. Duty must be shared by all players in the team. If you can't do the duty, you'll pay $5 per duty you miss.
  3. If you can't do duties regularly, you should apply for exemption in advance (eg. long distance driving, work etc) and you will pay higher fees for the season.

Lost Balls

  1. If balls over the value of $20 are lost during a game or tournament, the players will be responsible for the loss.
  2. The value of the balls will be calculated based on 50% depreciation rate per year (eg. $40 1st year, $20 2nd year, $10 3rd year). That amount will be deducted from the players' deposit and will be used for future equipment purchase.
  3. If you bring your own ball to the trainings or games, we will NOT be responsible for the loss.

Duty (PVL)

  1. Duty teams must provide a first referee, a second referee, two (2) standing lines-persons and one (1) scorer. The first referee provided by the club/association must be an NCAS accredited State (non-playing) / Regional (playing) referee or higher.
  2. Duty teams without a minimum of 5 players reporting to the Venue Manager or Chief Referee at the scorer'ss bench at the coin toss (7 minutes from the start of the game) will be fined $22 for each player missing. The First Referee is then responsible for the match starting on time. Once the match commences, any duty team shortfall will see this fine doubled to $44 for each player missing. Individual players will be responsible for these fines.
  3. Duty teams must ensure that the score sheet is completed in accordance with the checklist contained in the scoring folders. The checklist is also available from the Competition Manager.
  4. All scorers and lines people are prohibited from using mobile phones and other electronic devices during the match.

Penalty (PVL) by VQ

  1. $16 for each player not in correct uniform (individual pays)
  2. $22 for each duty team default, subject to double fines. (See "Duty" above, individual pays)
  3. $88 in the case of a match forfeit (individual pays)
  4. $22 for a one (1) set forfeit, $44 for a two (2) set forfeit (individual pays)
  5. $40 penalty for not having an appropriate standard of referee.
  6. $30 penalty for not leaving the team benches in a clean and tidy manner as judged by the Venue Manager. The sides chosen at the start of the game will designate each teams area of responsibility.

Contact Methods

  • Phone/SMS/Whatsapp/WeChat (0402260680), Email (davidli@dodo.com.au)

Please make sure you understand and agree on the guidelines before you decide to play for Aces United.