(2007) Duration 14'30"

- an electroacoustic composition for voices,viola/v'cello, clarinet, bass clarinet, percussion and samples of whale voices

Awarded Best Composition by an Australian Composer at the 2008 APRA / AMC Awards held at the Sydney Opera House 21st July 2008

The Last Whale was premiered at the Cage Uncaged Concert at The Carriageworks 2007 by The Song Company and Sydney Offspring

Also erformed by the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra 28th January, 2008 at the Auckland Harbour Day Festival

2007 Trans-Tasman Composer Exchange Residency October 2006

Media release - Australian Music Centre

The Australian Music Centre is pleased to announce that Sydney composer Colin Bright has been selected to reside with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra in 2007, as part of the fourth Trans-Tasman Composer Exchange Residency. The exchange residency is a partnership between the Australian Music Centre and SOUNZ – the Centre for New Zealand Music. Supported by Creative New Zealand and the Music Board of the Australia Council, the project – initially established in 2003 – aims to further develop music relationships between the two countries and provides significant opportunities for contemporary composers/sound artists to collaborate with some of the world's most outstanding musicians.

Colin Bright is an important figure in the Australian music landscape. His music – often driven by sociopolitical issues – explores aspects of place, both physically and psychologically. The Wild Boys (1995), however, saw a shift towards what Bright refers to as 'urban psychoscapes'. Using sampled voices, many of his works since this piece seek – by integrating music and voice – to project the spirit of a particular writer/poet, adding a theatrical facet to his music. He is influenced by Australian aboriginal music – especially didjeridu – but also by aspects of jazz, rock and techno, particularly in the choice of instruments, electro sounds and rhythms. Bright has achieved great success as a composer having received Fellowships from the Performing Arts Board of the Australia Council, as well as numerous commissions from Australia's leading ensembles. His music has been performed and broadcast in twentyseven countries throughout the world.

Words On Water

Townsville Writers Festival October 21 2006

An outdoor performance on the Ross River music (Colin Bright) words (Suzie Gilmour) imagery (Glen O'Malley)

A performance event featuring electronics, voice samples
sounds, lights, projected photographs, words & fire-sculpture
Live performers

Aquapella Choir

Young dancers/acrobats from Magnetic Island

Woodenbong Fire Tribe

Words On Water celebrates Write Up North

Let The Storm Break Loose

(2003) Duration 9'00"

- an electroacoustic composition featuring - Ian Shanahan - recorders.

Selected as a finalist in the 2005 APRA / AMC Awards
for Best Composition by an Australian Composer

Colin Bright has been awarded a 2 year Composer Fellowship for 2003-4
from the Music Board of the Australia Council

Young Tree Green (A Song of the Republic) for Double Bass & Orchestra


Double BassKees Borrsma
OrchestraSydney Symphoney Orchestra
ConductorElgar Howarth
PlaceSydney Opera House 12 May 1993

available from the
Australian Music Centre
(02) 9247 4677 (1800) 651 834

Black Years - Red Years

Australian Music Centre (Center) awards - Dec 1st 2000:
Best Composition of 1999
in the state of New South Wales - Australia

Performanced as part of the Australasian Computer Music Conference 2003


The Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior

Performers The Song Company & austraLYSIS
ComposerColin Bright
ConductorRoland Peelman
ProducerAndrew Mclenan
LibrettoAmanda Stewart
Sound EngineerRussell Stapleton