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Sydney performance of The Last Whale by The Song Co and Ensemble Offspring

I am a composer of - for want of a better expression - art music.  That is - concert and electronic music composed in the so called contemporary 'classical' music tradition. My compositions aim to define aspects of where I live (i.e. 'place'), and how I/we live (my perception of the psychological state of the society of which I am a part).

My recent music reflects a 'realist' approach whereby voice samples (spoken & sung) are integrated into the musical fabric. These pieces quote politicians/writers/poets and although an 'attitude' is expressed I think of them as primarily music but driven or inspired by socio-political events.

The primary influences on my music are Australian aboriginal music, especially didjeridoo (didjeridu), but also some elements of jazz, rock and techno, particularly in the choice of instruments, electro sounds and rhythms. I work in computer music (& multimedia) and use particular aspects of micro-tonality - especially 1/4 tone and 3/4 tone intrvals in juxtaposition with minor 3rds - which, in addition to multiphonics, enrich the harmonies .

Rhythmically, I prefer ON the beat, which is a more direct expression of human animality. It is not about beauty - beauty is slavery - a genteel submission to nostalgia - though I suppose that can be all right ocasionally . But mostly, I prefer the liberating effulgence of rampant passion.

I live in an apartment overlooking a beach at Dee Why (near Manly) in Sydney, Australia, and I like to go body surfing or swimming when I am not composing music.

My music has been performed and broadcast in 27 countries throughout the world.

There is FREE MUSIC to listen to and there is a CD or two for sale if you like the sounds.