Earth-Flowering Time

Piano: Ian Munro

Earth-Flowering Time (1987) - Tya is an Australian aboriginal word which means 'earth' and/or 'flowering time'. Combining them as Earth-Flowering Timedepicts to me an image of colourful small flowers (as Australian flora tends to be) sprouting from an aged ground. The picture these words paint seemed to suit the ideas in this piece.

It is one of what I think of as '1-2-3' pieces, that is, the minimal musical materials (harmonic, melodic, rhythmic and tessitural) are derived from relationships between these numbers. The essence, consequently, is STASIS.

The piece belongs to the 'psyche of place' bag . That is, where we live and how it affects the way that we think. Even if you live on the more densely populated east coast of Australia, you are nevertheless still aware of the vast distances involved in travelling towards the centre (center), the north and west.