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TTXGP 2012 World Finals Daytona Raceway

Catavolt electric Daytona

Catavolt Electric TTXGP Daytona

Catavolt electric TTXGP Daytona Jon

Catavolt Daytona TTXGP electric

                                                                               Catavolt electric TTXGP Daytona      Catavolt electric Daytona TTXGP                                                                          

                                               Catavolt electric Jason Finalosv Daytona TTXGP                                                  

Catavolt electric daytona finals
2012 TTXGP Finals Daytona Raceway

Round 1 Wakefield 2012

Catavolt Jason Morris Mid corner
By Tony Castley
Catavolt Sunset
The Herald
Jon Eggenhuizen Catavolt in the herald
Winton Round 2 TTXGP

Winton start

Eastern Creek Round 1 TTXGP/75
Catavolt Wins TTX75 Class
Daniel Sailer GP Class Win ,Jon Eggenhuizen 75 Class Win & Chris Jones 2nd 75 class
Jason on the track
Jason Morris with the new Enertrac Dual Hub motor Picture by Tony Castley
Jon and Jason with SBS camera man
Jason Morris going for a test in the pits
Daniel Sailer,Jason Morris & Chris Jones
pit test
Amy O'Mara gets a 30sec run down before she heads out for a sighting lap
Amy keeping up with the twin Agni machine

Catavolt in Popular Science Magazine
TTXGP Wakefield Park Shake down 1st May 2011

TTXGP Catavolt Track
Catavolt Jason Morris Interview
Electric motorcycle pits
Team Catavolt Pits
Catavolt Enertrac HubMotor
Catavolt first track ride Jason Morris
Catavolt Liam Wilkinson

Sydney Easter show 2011
Catavolt electric motorcycle
Catavolt Easter show

Land Speed March 2011
Catavolt Mars electric Motor
4 motors Electric Catavolt
Catavolt Jake Dolan electric Motorcycle Eken
The sunrace AC induction motor EV 360vdc
My Old Honda E VF750
honda ev750
Advanced DC 144v System 17 second Quarter
just befor i sold it
My stock ev