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The Seven Charkras
A Sanskrit or Hindu word meaning “circle”. A chakra is a vortex or spinning wheel of etheric energy which funnels prana, the invisible energy of the universe, into and through the subtle fields of our aura and into the physical body via meridian conduits.

Just as the physical body needs a regular intake of food to energise the organs and muscles, so too does the etheric or spiritual body need a regular intake of prana to keep it balanced and in harmony with the universe. Each of these seven chakras is energised by the individual octave or resonance of one of the seven colours which make up white light (the seven colours of the rainbow or the white light colour spectrum).

Each chakra has its own unique perspective and intelligence. Since chakras are vibrational in nature, they respond quite well to both colour and sound therapy. Each of your seven basic chakras resonates in tune with a specific colour and a specific musical tone, and by visualizing the colours and tones of each chakra one by one, you can effectively restore your chakras to their original brightness, clarity, and vitality.

This self-tuning method requires use of colours and musical tones. You can either visualize the colours and hum or sing the tones, which are familiar to anyone who ever sang along to the song, “Do-Re-Mi” from the musical “The Sound of Music”.

FIRST CHAKRA (activated by the Red ray)
Your first chakra is located at the very base of your spine, and is known as the root or base chakra. This is your grounding chakra - the chakra that connects you to the Earth below your feet. It is connected to the secondary chakras in your feet, and is associated with the adrenal glands. Basic survival and sexual energy is handled in the first chakra, and it can give you sudden bursts of strength and energy when you need it. Tune your root or base chakra by playing or humming the musical note “C” (the “Do” part of the “Do-Re-Mi” song), while visualizing the colour red.

SECOND CHAKRA (activated by the Orange ray)
Your second chakra is situated just below your navel. It’s known as the sacral chakra, and is associated with the gonads or sexual reproductive system. This chakra is identified with your centre of emotions, and with gender identity. This is the place where you may find yourself feeling what others are feeling, or inadvertently picking up other people’s issues. Tune your second chakra by visualizing the colour orange and humming, singing, or listening to the musical note “D”, or “Re”.

THIRD CHAKRA (activated by the Yellow ray)
Your third chakra is located at your solar plexus, between your navel and sternum - just below your lower ribs. This chakra is associated with the pancreas. This is a powerful chakra, which can control and manipulate any incoming energy. This is also the energy centre in your body which aligns your physical body with your spirit and intellect, and is your centre for self-esteem. Tune your solar plexus chakra by visualizing a sunny yellow color, and humming or singing or listening to the musical note “E”, or “Mi”.

FOURTH CHAKRA (activated by the Emerald Green ray)
Your fourth chakra is located at your heart, and is associated with the thymus gland. This chakra connects your spirit to your physical body, and allows you to channel love energy both into your body and out into the world. A compassionate sense of humour is a sign of a very healthy heart chakra. You can see this in people who laugh at their own foibles with good-natured love. A healthy heart chakra allows one to keep healthy perspective even in the most troubling situations. Tune your heart chakra by visualizing the colour emerald green and humming, singing, or listening to the musical note “F” or “Fa”.

FIFTH CHAKRA (activated by the Sapphire Blue ray)
Your throat chakra corresponds to the thyroid gland, and is the center for expressive communication and making and keeping commitments. This chakra is the centre for receiving clairaudient information (hearing voices), which allows people to hear psychic truths from seemingly mundane sources. You can tune your throat chakra by humming or singing the musical note “G” or “So”, and visualizing the colour of sapphire blue.

SIXTH CHAKRA (activated by the Indigo ray)
Your third eye chakra is located just above the bridge of your nose and is related to your higher mental and intuitive abilities. It is also associated with the pituitary gland, and it is responsible for providing tremendous amounts of psychic information in a naturally clairvoyant manner. A healthy sixth chakra can ensure that you are on track and constantly finding support and valuable information in the most unusual and off-beat places. You can tune your sixth chakra by visualizing the colour indigo, and humming or singing the musical note “A” or “La” (about 440 Hertz).

SEVENTH CHAKRA (activated by the Violet ray)
Slightly above the top of your head is your seventh or crown chakra. This is the chakra which connects your energy body to Spirit, and is where you receive information about your life purpose and spiritual path. The crown chakra is associated with the pineal gland, and it provides you with the highest level of spiritual knowledge - and a deep understanding of who and what you truly are. You can tune your crown chakra by visualizing the colour violet and humming or singing the musical note “B” or “Ti”.

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The Auric Body System
(See illustration)

The human soul is connected to more than just the material body. In fact, a further seven subtle bodies are connected to the physical.

Physical Body
The physical/material body, because of its dense atomic structure, is on the lowest vibrational level.

Etheric Body (lower aspect)
The ethericl body is on the next higher vibrational level. It bridges the connection of the material body to the higher bodies and helps with the control of the material body. The etheric body or sheath is the energy matrix upon which the physical matter of the body tissues is shaped and anchored. The etheric body is in size and shape very similar to the material body and extends only a quarter of an inch (approx. 6 millimeters) outside the skin of the material body. For most people, this body is invisible, while some can see this body as a faint bluish light around the material body.

Emotional Body
The third body of the human being is the emotional body. It’s vibrational level is associated with inner feelings. It extends around three inches, (approx 90 millimeters) from the physical body. This body and all higher bodies can be seen with the third eye, but it usually requires a lot of practice.

Mental Body - (Physical Mental Aspect)
The “lower” mental body (associated with ego) is on the fourth layer. This is the vibrational level of thoughts and mental processes of the ego.

Astral Body
The Astral body is the bridge between the denser or lower vibrations of the physical plane and the finer vibrations of the spiritual planes. The Astral body is associated with the Heart chakra, and is the transforming crucible through which all energy must pass when going from one world to the other. That is, the spiritual energy must pass through the fire of the heart to be transformed into the lower physical energies, and the physical energies (of the lower three auric layers) must pass through the transformative fire of the heart to become spiritual energies. The “higher” mental body is on the fifth level. On its level we find ideas and the intellect. The following three bodies are the ones that primarily do the processing of the experiences that we make through the use of our material body.

The Etheric Template (higher aspect)
Whereas the etheric body is the blueprint or template the physical body uses to shape matter into the physical, this level acts as a blueprint or template for the lower etheric body. Physical illness generally springs from imbalances within the lower etheric body which becomes disfigured. To restore balance requires healing work at the Etheric Template level. Using sound to heal is very effective here as it is at this vibrational level where sound creates matter.

Celestial Body
The Celestial Body is associated with the “higher” emotional aspects of spirit. This is also known as the intuitive level. When we intuitively know our connection to the universe, when we see the light and love in everything that exists, we have raised our consciousness to the Celestial level of the auric system.

Causal Body - (Spiritual Mental Aspect)
Here lies the “higher” mental body (associated with spirit). The seventh body is universal consciousness and is frequently called the causal body. When we feel a oneness with All That Is, we are tuned into the Causal level of the auric system. Together with the intuitive celestial body it forms the higher self and the permanent soul. The causal body reflects all experiences and events that the soul has ever had.

This auric level contains the life plan of the individual and is the last level directly related to this incarnation. Beyond this is the Cosmic Plane, a level that cannot be experienced from the limiting viewpoint of the ego.

The universal consciousness includes the unlimited possibilities and is the link to God - it is not just a link, but a pure part of God within us. It forms the unity of the soul and testifies of the endlessness of space and time in which the soul exists.

Your Energy Matrix
You exist in physical form only because the atoms in your body are vibrating creating an energy field. Each person's energy field is unique and reflects the person's own particular signature note (vibrationary level). Those who are practiced at reading these energy fields are the ones we call intuitive and psychic.

Up to this point in human development psychics have only been able to visually perceive the energy field as energy escapes from the body in the form of auras. Please understand that the aura is only a small part of your personal energy field. Learn to see beyond the aura and learn to trust the gentle nudges as people enter your field. These are the senses that will lead you into the next stage of human evolution.

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